Successful applicants receive a Mitacs Elevate award of $60,000 per year for a total award of $120,000, as well as the mandatory research management training curriculum ($15,000 non-cash value over two years); a minimum stipend / salary of $55,000 per year is allocated to the fellow and up to $5,000 is allocated to research costs. Mitacs follows tri-council guidelines with respect to the use of funds towards eligible research costs. Awards are typically forwarded annually as a lump sum of $60,000 to the supervising faculty member, to be held as a research grant at their home university, pending Mitacs receipt of the following:

  • the $30,000 annual partner contribution
  • where applicable, documentation that a $5,000 annual contribution will be made available to the fellow in lieu of provincial funding. Visit our eligibility page to determine if additional funding is required for your application.
  • any necessary documentation such as a Declaration of Conflict of Interest and/or other documentation as appropriate

Please note: Costs can only be incurred after research approval of the proposal AND the receipt of the partner funds at Mitacs as per Mitacs Policy.