Mitacs Elevate is the only postdoctoral fellowship in Canada with professional skills training component. This training strives to:

  • Provide Elevate fellows with professional skills relevant to research and development careers
  • Create customized training plans that meet fellows’ individual needs and career goals
  • Assist fellows with moving into their future careers with the skills needed to advance quickly
  • Strengthen partnerships between fellows and their partner organizations

Elevate training includes, but is not limited to:

  • Instructor-led and online training in networking, big-picture thinking, presentation skills, career planning, coaching and mentorship, communication, confidence, creative problem solving, emotional intelligence, financial literacy, leadership, listening, management, and negotiation, including 16 hours of project management training
  • Access to the exclusive Elevate curriculum through our learning management system. Fellows can track their skill development goals and chart their progress through Edge.

Mitacs makes every effort to ensure that fellows are able to participate either in-person or remotely; however, fellows may be responsible for limited travel costs, including commuting.  In addition to the professional development and leadership training provided by Mitacs, fellows may also receive on-site training and networking opportunities through their partner organizations.

As the professional development component is a feature unique to Mitacs Elevate and a critical part of fellows’ skills training and Mitacs program objectives, attendance at program sessions is mandatory for all participating fellows. Attendance is monitored by Mitacs and a failure to attend training & development sessions may result in reduction or withdrawal of funding.

If you are interested in undertaking a research project without a corresponding professional development component, you may wish to apply for a Mitacs Accelerate project.  For more information, please visit the Mitacs Accelerate website or contact a Mitacs Business Development representative in your region.