All Mitacs Elevate fellowship proposals undergo a two-stage review process:

Stage 1: an administrative review to confirm program eligibility, followed by

Stage 2: an external review based on peer assessment of the research project proposals.

Peer assessment criteria are grouped into two (2) broad categories: the technical merit of the proposed research project; and the excellence of the proposed fellow.  For these categories, Mitacs seeks arm’s length expert reviewers to answer the following questions:

A. Technical merit of the proposed project

  • Does the project significantly contribute to the advancement of knowledge or the development of new applications, and is there an appreciable element of novelty?
  • Are the objectives achievable, given the current state of the art and the expertise of the project team?
  • Are the methods and techniques appropriate for the objectives?
  • Is the proposed project at an appropriate level for a postdoctoral fellow?

B. Excellence of the proposed fellow

  • Relative to other researchers at the same career stage, how would you characterize the achievements of the proposed fellow (e.g. publication record, patents, awards and scholarships, mentoring, accomplishments in teaching, related industry or entrepreneurial activities, etc.)?
  • The Elevate program offers training opportunities to develop leadership, communication and business skills. Does the candidate demonstrate commitment to this professional development?