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Enhance your communication skills – Self-paced e-learning. Asynchronous course – 120 min 


Upon completion of this course, you are invited to self-enroll and participate in a facilitated session.  

Learning outcomes: 

  • List the key elements of communications and how they impact the credibility of one’s communications 
  • Identify and create appropriate content tailored to the audience and purpose of your communications 
  • Summarize key points and explain complex concepts to specialists and non-specialists alike 
  • Describe the different expectations a research community may have for communication vs. a one-pager for a manager in a private company or not-for-profit organization 
  • Build out the communications plan for your project, including the unique value proposition 


Refined project communication plan – Facilitated session. Synchronous course – 120 min 



In this facilitated session, participants will present their project communications plan, and will receive feedback from their peers and the facilitator. 


Learners that have completed the asynchronous course “Enhance your communication skills”.