Mechanical Design and Power Drive Improvements for Moovee’s One-seater Prototype

An emerging concept in urban transportation systems is utilization of small electric vehicles that meet the demands for enclosed personal mobility. These types of vehicles are generally small and lightweight but require much less space than more conventional vehicles such as the Smart Car. Furthermore, the vehicle is all battery electric. Recent developments have utilized innovative in-wheel electric motors mounted on carbon fiber platforms.

Life Cycle & Economic Analysis of Bi-Fuel Cars

The proposed research project seeks to define the environmental advantages and cost challenges associated with the design of two types of alternative fuel vehicles; battery electric and bi-fuel CNG + gasoline, with respect to a changing American market. These alternative fuel vehicles will be compared to traditional internal combustion vehicles and assessed based on the environmental effects of the pollutants emitted and their capability to meet the current and future needs of consumers.

Effects of Uncertainty in Engineering Data on Design and Performance of Automotive Thermal Systems

This project will study how underbody components (tailpipe, muffler, rear fascia brackets and spare
wheel compartment) withstand thermal loads over time through the use of a heat-transfer model
(using RadTherm simulation package) of the vehicle under investigation as well as the first-order
Taylor Series expansion. The Taylor Series will be used to calculate the sensitivity of the output
(amount of radiation absorbed by each component) to the input (clearances and emissivity).

Intermodal container allocation problem in rail yards

In this project, we propose to develop innovative methods to improve the efficiency of yard operations in intermodal terminals where containers awaiting to be loaded on the trains are temporarily stored. The management of yard operations involves allocating storage space to containers on the yard, and assigning cranes and/or other handling equipment to transfer the containers to the rail cars. The lack of proper planning and mishandling of containers can lead to large delays and significant rise in the operating costs.

Simulation of the underwater vehicle

The internship will be centred on the simulation of the dynamics of the Proto towed vehicle platform. Go Beyond will produce an initial design for the intern to work with, which will strongly resemble a torpedo-shaped AUV. The Proto simulation research will take that design and study various aspects of its dynamics. The outcome of the project will be a functioning dynamical model of Proto, which will help to influence the real-world prototype.

Design and Optimization of Crankshaft Vibration Dampers

This research project attempts to tackle the major issues experienced with crankshaft vibration in modern internal combustion engines through the use of tuned finite element model and optimized rubber dampers. The purpose of this project is to lay out a systematic approach for the design of torsional vibration dampers when given a set of engine parameters. Current industry development relies heavily on the trial and error method as well as past engineering experience.

Experimental and Finite Element Analysis of Electron Beam Weld in Inconel-713LC Turbine Blades

Electron beam welding of shroud in Inconel-713LC blades are often associated with cracking. This leads to a high scrap rate for manufacturing of blades used in the gas turbine engines. In this study, in order to understand the root cause of the cracks, a comprehensive experimental and finite element analysis will be carried out to correlate the process variables and response of material to electron beam welding. In that way, electron beam welding process parameters will be optimized to suppress cracking.

Automatic Blind Spot Detection System for an Urban Vehicle

Amidst various causes of car accidents, those which result due to unseen vehicles or objects play an important role. Automatic Blind spot detection system is, therefore, one of the solutions which can improve the safety feature of a vehicle. Moovee Innovations, Inc., our partner company, is developing a light-weight vehicle designed to travel at urban speeds, under the name project Insecta. It needs an automatic blind spot detection system as part of their Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) that is capable of warning the driver of hazardous road situations.

Modeling and analysis of Inertial filter for Engine exhaust applications

The scope of this project is to model and analyze inertial filters used by combustion engines to facilitate exhaust gas recirculation acting as coarse filtration units. This would help to reduce environmental pollution caused by heavy duty diesel engines. By using Finite Element Analysis model to investigate, the design will incorporate the best ratio among the geometric parameters which will enable the least pressure drop for stipulated flow rate. Lower the pressure drop higher will be the fuel savings.

Minimizing the Impacts and Maximizing the Benefits of Marine Shipping Activities for Arctic Communities Through the Use of Traditional Knowledge

Interest in Arctic shipping is growing as sea ice is melting and as other industries are developing. An increase in shipping presents risks to both the natural environment (from the movement of ships and the products that they carry) and to the local communities that rely on those healthy environments for food and other products. However, the local Inuit people in Nunavut also hold a certain body of knowledge referred to as Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit (IQ).