Cable Simulation Methods Using Nonlinear Finite Elements

Cable systems play an important role in many large scale simulation applications. Examples include marine systems, mining machinery, and cranes. The high fidelity and efficient modelling and simulation of these systems can enhance the applications and usability dynamic modelling environments. In this project we particularly target to develop models and efficient algorithms based on nonlinear finite element representation of the cables in largescale multibody simulation models. We will investigate core modeling and implementation aspects that are directly related to practical applications.

Creative BC: Strategic Design Process Research and Plan Development

Creative BC is an independent provincial agency tasked with overseeing the development and promotion of B.C.’s creative industries. In addition to administering tax credits and providing production support for filmmakers and television producers, it intends to work with the digital media, music and publishing industries to co-develop and implement a strategy for the creative sector. To fulfill its new mandate under the provincial B.C.

Improving user experience with a social gaming platform: Identifying and adapting to significant user traits and behaviors

This project will involve using statistical modeling and machine learning techniques in order to identify significant factors that exist in user interaction logs collected from a social gaming system. Next, these factors will be used to inform, implement, and test an adaptive platform for managing and improving behaviors that relate to user experience and/or user retention.

AWE Technology Development Project - The Virtual History of Fort York

Divani's AWE Augmented Reality product is expected to assist Fort York to create a more engaging experience for the attraction’s 100,000 annual visitors. By combining the historical value of Fort York with the immersive experience of AR, the organization will be able to increase revenue to assist with its financial goals. Divani Films is expected to benefit from a successful rollout by generating new revenue streams from the licensing of AWE technology and/or forming additional partnerships within the tourism industry as well as other industries (gaming, sports, etc.).

Matching video content to the developmental needs of preschool children

The proposed research will include an analysis of video content to determine its implicit learning content based on the social and emotional domains. Once the videos are analyzed, a parent profile will be used to determine what videos are most applicable to each individual child, based on their developmental profile. Further activities will be recommended to parents in addition to the video content. This project will aid the organization in becoming more individualized in terms of content and domain development, according to what the profile indicates for the child.

The Limits of Solidarity

The Limits of Solidarity is an original transmedia research/creation project for new screens, creatively and critically investigating various practices and projects of global solidarity that engage with issues of gender and sexuality.

New rockstar philosophy: an interactive e-book app

An eBook App is a native app that can grant access to all of a book’s content and additionally integrade any functionality to it. It is an interesting option for ebook projects that have access to large amounts of content want to incorporate user-generated data and connect to other digital artifacts. Unlike a pdf an eBook App enables rich and engaging interactions and therefore offers more exciting experiences for the reader.

Middleware layer for mobile game architecture

Mobile devices are well established at the heart of our digital lives. Today, these devices are utilized as personalized and enterprise application nodes. Moreover, mobile devices support ubiquitous access to data which even makes them a pivotal component in the deployment of applications such as online games. However, there are challenges that have plagued the mobile field. No matter the advances we make, mobile devices still rely on wireless channels to communicate, and these channels experience sporadic disconnections and bandwidth fluctuations.

Methods for detection of emergent gameplay

Games are no fun to play if there is a perfect winning strategy so that a player can always win by playing it. Game designers are aware of this, but it is notoriously difficult to predict when such strategies exist for a given rule set. This project is about studying the effects of changing the rules of a game or adding new rules, especially non-traditional ones like giving away points, in order to predict the existence or likelihood of a perfect winning strategy.

Consuming social media services on heterogeneous devices

Social media integration into enterprise-oriented workflows is gaining widespread adoption due to factors such as crowdsourcing and inter-organization collaborations. The partner organization has an existing system that is working for helping Saskatchewan businesses grow by bringing educated youth into the province. Their system is for providing opportunities for people all around the world to live and work in Saskatchewan. Our work will be to re-develop the existing infrastructure in a way that it can be integrated with social media with user generated content.