Terahertz metamaterial sensors for monitoring of the insulation material quality - Year Two

A partial discharge is a localized spark that bridges a small portion of the insulation between two conducting electrodes under high voltage. The lifetime of high voltage electronic devices is often determined by the ability of the insulation material to withstand partial discharges, which start within gas voids in solid polymer insulation. A typical monitoring of insulation for voids and cracks requires long measurement times.

Switching frequency optimization and advanced current control techniques for an electric vehicle traction drive

The performance of an electric vehicle traction drive, comprised of an electronic power converter feeding power to an electric motor, is defined by its control stages and different system parameters- such as switching frequency of the semiconductor devices of the converter. The proposed internship aims to determine changes in conventional control strategies and selection of switching frequency to improve the power conversion efficiency and drive response time. First, selection of switching frequency to improve the power conversion efficiency and drive response time.

Biogeochemical stability of Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) Alluvial Sediment from an Active Coal Mine

Water contamination from mining activities is a global problem, damaging many freshwater ecosystems. This water, which can seep into the natural environment is high in heavy metals and can be very acidic. Options for treating this water can be very expensive or impractical for many of these contaminated sites, which can include abandoned mines. A new, inexpensive way of treating this water is being studied by CRL Energy in New Zealand, using mussel shells, a waste product itself from the food industry.

Development of twin-electrode electric arc furnace for resource recovery

Our ever-increasing needs for material and energy to sustain our modern lifestyle put an increasingly difficult-to-bear stresses on the extraction, harvesting, transformation and utilization of natural resources and their disposal (or waste), which ultimately lead to environmental, economical, political and societal consequences. Researchers from PyroGenesis Canada Inc.

Methodology Research on Business Process Reengineering with a Neutral Information Model of ERPs

McCoy recognizes U of A’s capability in engineering informatics and has approached U of A to conduct a joint research program to investigate a methodology applicable to McCoy’s unique business practice nature for implementing a new enterprise resources planning system. The most challenging research aspect of novelty is the requirement of a neutral information model that is to be developed in support of the transition from the existing ERP to the future system with the minimum data reengineering effort.

Transient Production Decline Analysis of Unconventional Reservoirs with Realistic Heterogeneity and Fracture Morphology

The proposed research is a multi-disciplinary project, which aims at improving existing theories and developing innovative technologies to unlock Canada’s oil and gas resources in a more sustainable way. Theoretical models derived from physics and mathematics are to be examined with real data, and new approaches will be developed to face the technical challenges. Mentorship and realistic field feedbacks from the industry are of great importance to the intern’s research work.

A lean model for improving predictive maintenance performance

Nowadays maintenance has turned into a management-related field, and is capable of being a support for benefit(Cost reduction ).Several fundamental questions are arising including the identification of the most appropriate performance metrics in predictive maintenance and the recognition of relationship between this metrics and lean definition in order to have a better maintenance performance. It could
also be asked how a better understanding of these performance measures will contribute to improve the quality of managerial decisions.

Reliability Modeling and Assessment of Power Systems Containing HVdc Links

The increased utilization of HVdc technology around the world has created the need for evaluating the reliability of power systems that contains HVdc facilities. For example, if the generation system is remote and it is connected to the load centre through HVdc links, the transmission may have a significant impact on the overall system reliability performance. Most of the research described in the existing literature focus on analyses of simple example power systems to illustrate the concepts, models and techniques in probabilistic reliability assessment of HVdc systems.

Environment and Health

Significant scientific knowledge gaps remain with respect to nuclear power production and impacts on the environment and the community. Four specific research areas for interns have been identified to help resolve some of the issues or gaps in knowledge.

Fully-coherent Terahertz Detection via Biased Nonlinear Micro-slit

This project is concerned with the development of a novel commercial product for broadband low energy photon detection in the terahertz (THz) spectral range, lying between the traditional microwave and optical regions. Currently available THz detection techniques however are commonly limited to a narrow spectrum, typically below 3-4 THz.