Advanced building envelopes, Rating multi-criteria assemblies

The objective of this study is to rate various envelope typologies according to criteria of most consequence to the participants of the Sustainable Housing Foundation’s Envelope Challenge. The study will create a framework for rating envelopes in a multi-criteria format.

Recovery of Ni/Co/Cu from amorphous slags

The proposed study is a part of a project that will aid in implementing an environmentally clean technology for the recovery of Ni, Co and Cu from slags (waste and semi-waste materials) of nickel production in Ontario. The conventional technology for metal recovery can treat only slags with a high content of valuable metals (~3%), and it results in technological and environmental complications, such as recycling of impurities as well as uncontrollable release of fugitive sulphur dioxide into the atmosphere.

Modeling Microbial Transport and Inactivation in an Open Channel UV Reactor at Various Hydraulic Regimes


Due to potential shortages of freshwater especially in arid and semi-arid regions, treatment of wastewater is increasingly being considered as an alternative to conventional water sources such as surface waters and groundwater. As the potential for human exposure to pathogens in the reclaimed water has been a concern for regulators, treatment standards must be stringent and disinfection system carefully validated and properly operated.