Analysis of Greenhouse Gas Emission for Chinese and Developing World Cities


Chinese cities are amongst the fasted growing cities in the world and they have per capita greenhouse gas (GHG) emission rates that are similar to western cities. This research quantifies GHG emissions for the three Chinese city-provinces of Beijing, Shanghai and Tianjin. A computer model is then developed for projecting the future growth in Shanghai’s emissions under current policies and infracstructure plans.

A study of green building rating systems for existing buildings in Canada


The objective of this study is to determine how LEED Existing Buildings, Operations and Maintenance [LEED EB (O&M)] and BOMA BESt rating systems perfrom with respect to reductions in environmental impact, measureable resource use, continual improvement and perceived social values. The study will also place these two ratings into a context of other environmental initiatives that may affect building owners and occupiers.

Optimal control of a heat exchange process using a perturbation signal

Based on the recent summit in Copenhagen, it is obvious that all nations are taking climate change seriously. One of the areas that countries are focusing on is reducing their greenhouse gas emissions by reducing their overall energy consumption. Industrial Countries are encouraging consumers to buy appliances that are deemed energy efficient using an Energy Star rating.