Mortality Rate Modeling: A study of the effectiveness of longevity and mortality linked financial derivatives as hedging instruments in a pension risk management strategy

Private pension plan sponsors wishing to manage their longevity risk transfer it to insurers through annuity contracts or bespoke longevity swap arrangements. They increasingly rely on such contracts to reduce their risk exposure. For example, annuity purchase activity from Canadian private pension plans expanded from $1 billion in 2012 to almost $2.7 billion in 2016 (Willis Towers Watson (2017)).

UppstArt - A blockchain-based e-commerce system for the sale of online art.

UppstArt is a blockchain-based system for arts e-commerce. UppstArt integrates Ethereum blockchain to handle the online sale of art. UppstArt allows buyers to track the ownership provenance of artworks and resell their purchases any time. UppstArt also allows artists receive a royalty percentage every time their artworks are resold (Pending Canadian Legislation Artist Resale Rights). UppstArt is directed to living artists that produce original paintings.

A case study on the business impact of personalized shopping experience on retail stores

This research will determine what factors are the most significant when it comes to the personalized shopping experience from the perspective of both customers and retailers, and shed light on opportunities and options for North American retailers to innovate within the retail space. We will conduct surveys with both retailers and customers to determine the level of value that each cohort places on the various factors and data points that can improve the personalized shopping experience.

Trade promotion forecasting and optimization

This project addresses two specific challenges related to promotional planning in the consumer-packaged goods sector. The first output will be to develop and evaluate models that statistically predict the impact of Unilever promotions on category and product share across different retailers. This effort will lead to the creation of trade promotion optimization techniques that enables planning of promotional activities.

Generating realistic customer purchase baskets using Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN)

This project uses the purchase history data from loyalty member cards at the basket level (i.e., all items bought by a customer during a particular trip) for customers under the loyalty program of a chain drug store to develop a model that can generate a realistic future “customer shopping list” (i.e., customer baskets) using the novel machine learning technique of Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN).

Modeling and Measuring Insurance Risks Considering IFRS 17 Framework

The objective of the project is to design a model determining capital requirements associated with property and casualty insurance business lines for an insurer that is compliant with the new IFRS 17 framework (international accounting framework). Several subcomponents of the model will be developed such as a dynamic model embedding dependence for the evolution of incurred but not reported (IBNR) claims, a risk measurement component with risk measures and an allocation framework for capital requirements across the various business branches of the insurer.

Data mining and personalized recommendation for an online luxury fashion retailer

The September is an online luxury retailer. In this research project, we are going to design and implement a personalized recommender system to enhance customers’ online shopping experiences. The past transaction data and browsing history as well as the demographic information of customers will be analyzed to identify the purchasing patterns, shopping trends and user behaviors. Based on these mined patterns and generated user profiles, recommendations will be made to individual customers using state-of-the-art recommendation algorithms.

Model development for membership analytics

This project will lay a foundation for Interior Savings Credit Union to better serve their membership by providing them with the means to discover significant membership groups within their large and complex database. This will be done through a combination of developing novel statistical techniques to discover the groups and writing the computer code needed to enact those techniques. We expect the project to benefit Interior Savings and its members by enhancing the credit union’s ability to target growth opportunities.

Quantitative risk measurement techniques for insurers

This project will assist Sun Life Financial to build, implement and validate quantitatively sophisticated state-of-the-art models of its risk portfolio. This will result in a better quantitative and qualitative understanding of company's risk, liability and capital profile, and thus in more effective risk management decision making process.

Understanding Jewelry Consumers’ Response to CSR Advertising Messages

The research project will look at the appeals, elements, and themes present in luxury goods advertising and determine how luxury brands can integrate pro-social and empowerment messages into its advertising targeted toward women. This will be examined in the context of jewelry advertising as the partner organization for this project, Hillberg & Berk, is a Canadian jewelry company with the goal to create a purpose-driven international brand to empower women through design.