Genome sequencing and analysis of the Echinacea genome to unravel new natural products

Echinacea purpurea is a popular herbal medicine with a global market of ?$1 billion but there is tremendous variability yet limited distinction between the products on the market. Amway Canada is a leader in the production and distribution of Echinacea products, and now aims to leverage the company`s unique Echinacea resources by sequencing the plant`s genetic code and identifying new and improved traits related to both agriculture and natural health products.

Pulse Positive: An educational campaign to increase awareness and consumption by integrating pulses into Elementary Schools

Saskatchewan is among the largest producer and exporter of pulses to various countries across the globe. However, pulses are not widely consumed in Canada. In Canada, the variety of pulse-based products is limited compared to those made from other legumes such as soybeans or from cereal grains. Consumers, including young children, will consume newly developed pulse-based products and ingredients if these are introduced into their diets.

Toward an Understanding of Beautiful Feather Cover in Laying Hens - Year Two

Feather pecking (FP) in egg-laying hens, where individuals peck at other birds to pull out and eat their feathers, is a challenge for the sector with large economic and welfare implications. It is especially of concern in systems where birds are housed in large social groups as it is harder to control.
With new policies in Canada leading to the transition from conventional cage to alternative housing systems, it becomes imperative to reduce the risk of large scale FP outbreaks.

Nutrition and management strategies to improve Canadian pork production

The Canadian swine industry must adapt to current and emerging challenges to remain competitive. In general, the industry is focused on improving efficiencies and reducing costs of production. However, the industry also faces many concerns regarding environmental sustainability and societal acceptance of production that need to be continually addressed. Feed represents approximately 70% of the cost of production and plays a critical role in maintaining animal health and performance and in reducing the environmental impact of pork production.


Asthma is one of the serious forms of respiratory diseases causing economic losses and high mortality in the world. RESP – AID is an innovative formula developed by NHV Natural Pet Products to support respiratory disorders and bronchial infections. It is composed of 6 commonly used herbs: Coltsfoot (Tussilago farfar), Marshamallow (Althaea officilanes), Plantain (Pantago major), Mullein (Verbascum Thapsus), Horehound (Marrubium vulgare) and Licorice (Gycyrrhiza glabra).

Biovalorization of lobster by-product for applications in food safety and packaging

The waste/by-products generated from lobster processing are rich in valuable compounds, one of which is chitin/chitosan. Chitosan is a natural polymer that has wide ranging applications in several fields ranging from agriculture to cosmetics. Specifically, the ability of chitosan to act against pathogenic microbes is of interest in this study. The aim of this project is to use a sustainable and mild extraction approach to obtain chitosan from lobster shell waste.

Study of Corner Brook Pulp and Paper Limited (CBPPL) byproducts and potential uses for food production

Overall this study aims to determine feasibility, parameters, and processes related to improved utilization of selected byproducts resulting from Corner Brook Pulp and Paper Limited (CBPPL) operations. The proposed activities and ideas relate to monitoring and understanding the nature of the composition of the mill's production of wood ash over time, determining the suitability, feasibility of improving mill competitiveness through alternate/improved processing of ash, sludge and waste heat.

Real-time measurement of the thickness swelling of modified fibreboard

Wood composite panels such as particleboard and fiber board swell when they get wet and, as a result, they are only used to make products that are used indoors. However, a new type of (modified) fibreboard has been developed that doesn’t swell when it becomes wet, which opens up the possibility of using fibreboards outdoors for siding, furniture and cabinets. The market for such products is large, but end-user need to be fully convinced that the new fibreboard is highly moisture resistant.

Chopping Away at Hunger: Social Gradients of Food Insecurity in Vancouver, BC

Urban centres such as Vancouver are sites of socio-economic inequality, which creates differential levels of food security. The primary objective of my research is to map social gradients of food insecurity in Metro Vancouver. In the process of creating this map, I will develop a set of food security indicators and generate baseline scores for Metro Vancouver neighbourhoods. Based on my findings, I will formulate recommendations for improving data availability, as well as for strategically developing food assets for locations in need.

Valorization of surface enhanced pulp fibers into value-added products

Domtar Inc. is investigating potential value-added applications for an advanced fiber they produce, which is referred to as SEPF (surface enhanced pulp fiber). SEPF is a key platform material for the development of new value-added, bio-based products from existing pulp and paper manufacturing sites and their forest based supply chains. The main objective of this work is to use SEPF for the preparation of said value-added products, such as, for example, paper, paperboard, or fiber-reinforced plastics, among others.