Stochastic Modelling of Pre-sales and Network Request Provisioning Sub-processes at Bell Canada

The objective of this project is to contribute a quantitative framework for analyzing potential inefficiencies of current practices at Bell Canada in the early stages of telecommunication service provisioning, particularly pre-sales and network request sub-processes. Models of these processes incorporating randomness are to be estimated from past data and utilized as a basis for efficiency improvement using both simulation and analytical optimization tools.

Monitoring Sleep-related Breathing Irregularities with Computer Vision Techniques

Sleep monitoring plays an essential role in the diagnosis of sleep disturbances. While the polysomnogram represents the gold standard, it has the disadvantage of assessing the patient’s sleep in an unfamiliar environment, usually a sleep clinic. This proposal targets the development of new computer vision-based methods for home-based sleep monitoring in partnership with Vigil Health Solutions, a company providing healthcare services and products internationally.

Lie Algebra Image Processing Applied to Intrinsic Optical Imaging

Optical imaging and the underlying image analysis has seen tremendous progress in recent years. Although it is now possible to perform multi-modal acquisition, the analysis frameworks for multi-modal data remain elusive. For example, the different scales and resolutions at which the images are taken require the use of mathematical techniques to deform, analyze and co-register images in a coherent framework. In parallel, J. Patera and his research group have, over the last few years, developed new Lie Algebra-based techniques to process images and perform continuous operations on them.

Statistical Characterization of Real-World Distributed System Workloads

Enquisite Software provides analytical services to corporate clients through the “mining” of data detailing how the clients’ customers interact with the clients’ Internet points-of-presence. To facilitate this work, Enquisite collects a continuous stream of client interaction data, which is stored in an Enquisite-held repository, over which Enquisite clients perform on-demand queries for business actionable knowledge.

Natural Language Processing of Resumes

Matching potential employees to employment opportunities is a challenging task, which has significant commercial value. Employment agencies, departments in companies concerned with human resources and small company owners frequently have to read, or process, numerous resumes before identifying a short list of candidates. Working with Talent Technology, a developer of recruitment and hiring software and component technology, the intern will develop solutions in several areas of automated resume processing.

Building on the Understanding of Business Processes Related to Service Provisioning and Service Assurance at Bell Canada

The main goal of this project will be a key contribution to the implementation of the Six Sigma methodology to the service provisioning and service assurance of Bell’s business customers. Six Sigma is an organized and systematic problem-solving method for strategic system improvement and new product and service development. It relies on statistical methods and an approach which dramatically reduces customer-defined defect rates and/or improves key output variables. This methodology will be used to reduce costs and increase profits.

Extracting Commonality within Network Data Streams

Alcatel-Lucent manufactures telecommunications equipment, ranging from telephone handsets to internet routers. The Research & Innovation group within Alcatel-Lucent is mandated with evaluating new technologies and new ideas that may benefit Alcatel products, thereby benefiting Alcatel-Lucent’s customers, and ultimately the end users.

Real-time Reproduction of Statistical Accurate Distributed System Workloads

Enquisite Software provides analytical services to corporate clients through the “mining” of data detailing how client customers interact with the clients’ Internet-point of presence. To facilitate this work, Enquisite actively collects a continuous stream of client interaction data which is stored in its repository, on which Enquisite clients perform on-demand queries for business actionable knowledge.

Security Assertion Checking & Enforcement Using Monitors

The goal of this project is to develop a new set of procedures and tools for testing the security of running software systems using a technique based on the concept of monitor. Monitors are systems which observe and analyze the behavior of a second system. The monitor will be designed as an external system that uses software “hooks” in the existing system to insert and extract information. This framework will allow the checking of assertions and the reporting of exceptions.

Online Learning for Pinpoint Selling

This internship applies data mining and machine learning techniques to increase conversion rates in the interactive online marketing industry by providing personalized recommendation to specific customer segments. It will consist of two parts. The first part is to classify customers according to what message would resonate. The intern will apply some techniques to improve the accuracy of classification. The second part is to order resources from most to least interesting for website.