Statistical development for the analysis of longitudinal survey data from the International Tobacco Control project

There is an urgent need for developing and applying methods for analyzing longitudinal survey data. The proposed research aims to address that need with data from the International Tobacco Control (ITC) Project, which is conducting parallel longitudinal surveys across 20 countries to evaluate the impact of tobacco control policies (e.g., warning labels, smoke-free laws). These methods will also examine the natural smoking and cessation history of individuals and whether that history varies across countries. ITC is supported by the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research (OICR); Dr.

Fabrication and Characterization of Frisch Gridded Selenium Device

Amorphous selenium direct detection X-ray detectors coupled to amorphous silicon readout circuits provide the best spatial resolution and are the leading technology for the worldwide breast cancer imaging market.  However, they are relatively slow and noisy leading to higher X-ray dose requirements for the emerging and highly accurate modality of 3D breast imaging.  We plan to develop high speed, low noise digital imagers that can leverage the spatial resolution advantages of existing a-Se detector technology.  The results of this research will help create a product that can directly benefi

Stoke-related slowing of balance reactions: Understanding mechanisms and developing treatments

Stroke    Canada's leading cause of chronic disability   often induces a condition of significantly reduced speeds of motion. Timely movements are, however, vital to prevent falls, perform daily activities, and be able to return to work. Therefore, our objective is to characterize `stroke-related slowing' and to suggest novel therapies. Balance characteristics during perturbed standing will be captured for healthy people and people experiencing stroke-related slowing. Both groups will also perform a voluntary movement that will be replicated by a mathematical model.

Developing Fluorescent-based Monitoring Strategies to Identify and Reduce Membrane Foulants in Drinking Water Treatment Applications

Membrane processes are increasingly used for the production of drinking water, representing a clean and efficient technology.  The application of membrane processes is limited by the accumulation of fouling components at/near the membrane surface and constitutes membrane fouling.  Therefore, fouling monitoring and control strategies are necessary to ensure sustainable operation of membrane processes.  In collaboration with GE Water and Process Technologies, the proposed research will develop tools for the characterization and minimization of membrane fouling by combining fluorescence spectr

Factors affecting nuclear transport of FIV

In this research we will determine how the feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) moves through cells of an infected host. The FIV is very similar to the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), and like all retroviruses moves from the cell membrane through the cytoplasm and then into the nucleus of infected cells. Once in the nucleus, the viral genome integrates permanently into the host cell chromosomes. We will identify host proteins that promote or delay virus movement and replication in the cell, and test small chemicals designed to inhibit nuclear transport.

Course of immune responses generated by live Salmonella vaccine in pigs

Salmonella is the second most frequent cause of foodborne illness in Canada and pork is one of sources for human salmonellosis.  Salmonella has also the potential to cause clinical disease in pigs.  Salmonella is commonly found on Ontario swine farms.  Thus control strategies should be implemented.  Vaccination appears to be one of the most promising approaches.  In Canada, there is currently available a live Salmonella Choleraesuis vaccine for use in pigs and a live Salmonella Typhimurium vaccine for use in poultry.  However, the course of immun

Co-registered MRI and ultrasound imaging for improved detection and treatment of breast cancer

For this project, we will be improving a novel magnetic resonance (MRI) and ultrasound (US) imaging platform, which will improve diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer patients.  A specialized MRI-US tool has been developed by Sentinelle Medical Inc.

Characterization and amplification of blood cells derived from human dermal fibroblasts

Recently it was shown that cells taken from adult skin could be converted to cells possessing “stem-cell-like” characteristics by a process called cellular reprogramming.  However, the use of these cells is limited by our understanding of how to derive mature and functional cells, such as blood cells that could be used for disease treatment.  We previously showed the ability to generate mature blood cells directly from human skin fibroblasts without establishing a “stem cell-like” state, providing a safer option for cell-replacement therapies.  Our current project proposes to characterize t

Using electronic detection to enhance performance of HPLC equipped with UV-Vis optical detection

In this internship, UNS-Tech will partner with Prof. Woolley to detect products of interest to his lab using UNS-e-chip. The antibiotics, developed by Prof. Woolley, are novel systems that can be activated by light or enzymes. The assay will employ UNS-Tech’s state-of-the-art electronics-based detectors for HPLC. The results will be analyzed and the findings will be published in scientific journals. The intern will benefit from this internship by gaining tremendous knowledge of synthesis of products of great value to the pharmaceutical industry.