Structural Variations in Human Genomes Using High Throughput Short read technology

This internship will be developing tools and solving algorithmic problems related to short read technologies (the new technologies of sequencing the human genome). The problem being solved will help the biology and molecular biology researchers to use these new tools to find variations between different individuals. This will be very important step in realizing the personalized genomics dream.

Computational design for improving the affinity of peptide ligands for carbohydrate-binding

Diarrhoeal diseases pose a serious global problem, especially in the developing world. Shigella flexneri Y, the most deadly species of Shigella, is endemic in most developing countries. An antibody, SYA/J6, against Shigella flexneri Y was developed. Studies have shown that MDWNMHAA is a weakly immunogenic peptide against the antibody SYA/J6. The research team at Zymeoworks Inc., a computational biotechnology company, is hoping to improve the binding of MDWNMHAA to SYA/J6 in order to generate a more effective immune response. This could lead to a vaccine for Shigella flexneri Y.

A Semi-autonomous Injection System for Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection

Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) is an important procedure in reproductive technology to help couples with infertility problems. Presently, the ICSI procedure suffers from a long learning curve, low success rates and reproducibility, and inconsistency among technicians. In this project, a novel automated microinjection system for human ICSI will be developed.

A Comparative Analysis into the Choice Behavior of Consumers with Celiac Disease

Celiac disease is a common autoimmune disease triggered by dietary gluten proteins from wheat, barley and rye. This internship will enable the development, implementation and analysis of a web-based consumer survey among celiacs in North America.

Ontology-based Data Integration for Translational Medicine

The project will research advanced theories and applications for the integration of biomedical research data and clinical data from electronic health record databases for the purpose of advancing the state of research and health care. The results of the project will inform the company partner in their strategic move to expand their product palette on software components in support of translational medicine.

Whole Genome Association Strategy for Unbiased Candidate Gene Selection in Inflammatory Diseases

Susceptible individuals for inflammatory diseases could be targeted for either preventative measures or care if we could identify them by obtaining their genetic code. However, to date, there is no effective method of discovering which of the more than 5 million genetic variants are important in determining disease susceptibility. A common approach is to test every genetic variation, in every patient, for its correlation with some disease (called Whole Genome Association orWGA), but this is extremely expensive and slow.

Investigation of Cyclosporiasis Outbreaks in British Columbia

The outbreak of cyclosporiasis, a foodborne or waterborne disease caused by the microorganism called cyclospora, was first documented in the province of British Columbia in 1999. From 1999 to present, there have been 5 documented outbreaks of cyclosporiasis in BC and they were found to be associated with locally produced or imported produce. However, there is no increase in cyclospora cases nationally.

Identifying Marketing Opportunities for New Cancer Detection Products, LungSign(TM) and OralAdvance(TM)

The interns will conduct marketing research to design, develop and deliver an integrated marketing plan for two new cancer detection products, called LungSign™ and OralAdvance™. Each intern will conduct a competitive analysis using visual tools in order to identify underutilized market opportunities. Based on the analysis, the interns will deliver recommendations for a marketing mix and communications plan and design a creative strategy for increased use of these early detection products.

A Wireless Wearable Multi-parameter Physiology Multi-sensor System

Miniaturization and microintegration is well known for their potentials in providing microsystems and sensors with unmatched performance, reliability, and lower costs. Current technologies in implementation of microsensors, however, span a large variety of platforms. It is thus common for microsensors measuring differing parameters to exist on different combinations of substrates, not to even mention the associated signal conditioning, processing, and data communication electronics.

But I Thought I had Asthma - Now What? Assessing the Feasibility of a Treatment Program for Patients with Functional Dyspnea

The medical team at the Asthma Centre at St. Joseph’s Hospital in London, Ontario is dedicated to providing the best care for its patients. Extensive investigations at the clinic have revealed that many patients present with functional dyspnea, the experience of breathlessness without an identifiable cause. Despite its undetectable organic pathology, those affected by functional dyspnea have a decreased quality of life. Unfortunately, the medical sphere is ill-equipped to provide treatment for patients whose symptoms do not have an identifiable origin.