Using a dynamic moment of inertia to increase bat speed in baseball players using the “Pro-Impusle swing trainer”

The common method of training and warming-up in baseball is by using weighted disks that are added to the player’s baseball bats. The current scientific evidences showed that the use of these devices doesn’t improve the performances of the players and actually slows down their swing speed and batted ball speed. Our partner developed a new device that focuses on increasing the swing speed in rotational sports such as baseball. The prototype uses elastics to allow a variable resistance and some timing aspect to the player’s training.

Making Stronger and Lighter Wallboard

The ultimate goal of this project is to produce stronger and lighter gypsum wallboards through more sustainable production procedure. The wallboard production plant is divided in three sections: upstream where the raw gypsum is received, midstream where the raw gypsum is processed to produce Calcium Sulfate Hemihydrate (stucco), and downstream where the final wallboard product is produced. The main focus of this internship will be on the downstream section. We will try to improve the wallboards through controlling their chemical composition and physical structure.

Development and optimization of a food based delivery system for cannabidiol and tetrahydrocannabinol

In early 2020, cannabis edibles will be introduced into the Canadian markets. Although these products will offer a safer alternative to smoking or vaping cannabis, they can still pose certain health risks to consumers and must be controlled for dosage and stability over the product’s entire shelf life. This research project centers on developing a method to introduce cannabis into food or beverages in a safe and stable manner. Many methods for suspending cannabis will be rigorously tested before the best technique, or combination of best techniques is chosen.

Measuring entanglement in quantum magnetic systems with strong long-range correlations

D-Wave systems purports to have designed a quantum processor based on scalable architecture that physically implements quantum annealing, an algorithm that can be used to solve a wide variety of optimization problems. In order for D-Wave devices to exhibit a performance advantage over classical processors, it is necessary that the devices utilize a resource that is inaccessible to any classical algorithm. This resource is generally associated with quantum entanglement.

Design and manufacture flexible strain gauge for high reliable application

The partner organization (Forcen Inc) wants to design and manufacture a strain gauge that is stretchable, flexible and sensitive to different types of strain (tension, compression, shear and torsion). Unfortunately, the current metal foil and semiconductor strain gauge is brittle. That is why Forcen Inc partnered with University of Toronto to develop new generation of strain gauge that is flexible enough to be inserted into surgical and manufacture robot and it can detect strains from mult-directions.

Development of Low Smoke Zero Halogen Smart Polymer Compounds/Nanocomposites for Wire and Cable Covering Material

Currently halogen-based flame retardant is widely used as cable covering material in various industries including oil and gas. Studies have concluded that these materials will produce toxic gases and acidic fumes, and also persistent against degradation in landfill. These negative consequences resulted in a global ban on halogen-based flame retardant. This project is a direct response to the global ban by developing new low smoke zero halogen (LSZH) flame retardant without the aforementioned problems.

Sodium Manganese Oxide Coated with Polymers as Zinc and Sodium Dual Ions Battery Cathode

Rechargeable aqueous zinc sodium dual-ions batteries are considered as alternatives of lithium ion batteries because of their safety and low-cost. As an available cathode for the zinc sodium dual-ions batteries, sodium manganese oxide (NMO) shows relatively high specific discharge capacity. Polyaniline (PANI) is promising for coating NMO to stabilize the NMO system because it can supress the crystalline structure collapse. Metanilic acid is promising for doping PANI to increase the conductivity of PANI.

Frontiers in Continuous Variable Quantum Computation: From Theory to Practical Demonstration

Continuous variable (CV) encodings in photonic systems are emerging as one of the most promising avenues to near term, practical, quantum computing. In order for a CV quantum computer to outperform its classical counterparts it requires the integration of at least one “non-Gaussian” element.

A study of macrophage interactions with polymeric drug carriers

The focus of this study is on the understanding of the cellular interactions with polymeric drug carrier for intraarticular injection of therapeutic. The degradability of the Eupraxia’s polymeric drug carrier will be studied in contact with macrophages and/or enzymes. At each time point in the cell study the polymer surface will be characterized by SEM, and the enzymes and ROS production will be measured to compare to the control groups.

New algal bioreactor design for clean food production with inland aquaculture

With increasing demand for fish and seafood products globally, inland aquaculture is becoming an important source of global food production. This is primarily because food can be produced in proximity to large and densely populated areas, cutting down on transportation costs and emissions. It also allows the use of a more diverse set of species as the risk of local species introductions is significantly reduced. Finally, inland aquaculture is less prone to natural disasters (hurricanes, typhoons, blooms, water contamination etc.).