Effect of a topical magnesium gel on exercise recovery.

This project will examine the effects of a topical magnesium gel on exercise recovery. Eccentric exercise, including downhill running, is known to cause muscle damage, soreness, and inflammation. Oral magnesium supplements have been shown to protect against some of the muscle damage and soreness. Petra has developed a topical magnesium gel that they believe will be able to reduce muscle soreness, damage, and inflammation in a similar fashion to oral-supplements, and will be easy to use after a workout.

Sensible, and Sprayable Antifouling Coatings

This project aims to develop sprayable coatings to prevent the prevent the attachment of bacteria on tables, door handles and other countertops. This will be obtained by modifying the surface with natural materials (such as vitamin B5 mimicking polymers and cellulose nanocarriers) that can deter bacterial attachment upon contact. The spray coated surfaces will sense the bacterial adhesion on the surface and will undergo color change, indicating the surface fouling and need to reapply the coating on the surface as needed.

Development of Biochar based Plastic Composite Materials

The proposed research focuses on developing biochar-plastic composite materials to support the product development goals of the industry partners. In this study, the intern will be accessing the effect of biochar properties and extrusion conditions on the properties of biochar-plastic composite materials and identify an optimum operating condition and formulation that results in higher mechanical properties. The project outcome will help to overcome current challenges faced by the industry partner in the product development and marketing.

Performance based design of sound wall foundation under freeze-thaw cycle effects

Presently, sound wall foundation design for steel piles is being governed by the effects of the freeze-thaw cycles. The deformations produced by the freeze-thaw cycles cause structural damage and can be seen as an important index to judge the stabilities of structures in cold regions. A very limited number of studies investigated pile design within the context of sound wall foundation, as the behavior of these foundation under the cumulative freeze-thaw deformations is yet to be characterized.

Exploring the therapeutic and central effects of Dysport compared to other botulinum toxin type A formulations for treating cervical dystonia

Cervical dystonia (CD) is a painful, disabling neurological condition involving involuntary contraction of neck muscles that twist/pull the head and is associated with impaired brain sensory-motor processing. Treatment involves injecting botulinum toxin type A (BoNT-A) every 3-months into the neck muscles causing these movements. There are 3 available BoNT-A formulations; Botox® and Xeomin® are used in our clinic. However, many patients experience short-lasting and sub-optimal effects as patients would prefer shorter injection cycles, which is not recommended in the product monographs.

Sizing Remotely Piloted Transitional Aircraft for Vertical Takeoff and Landing

This research project aims to use a combination of historical data and physics principles to determine a ratio of batteries to gasoline to power a vertical takeoff and landing aircraft. The physics method that will be used is called momentum theory. Momentum theory is a simplistic model of helicopter flight that determines how much power a rotor will need to hover. MATLAB specifically will be used as a means of running calculations so that flight parameters, such as maximum takeoff weight, can be changed and new values found.

Experimental investigation of the influence of shear connectors on the effective flange width, strength, and stiffness of CLT-glulam T-beams

The overarching aim of this research is to develop fundamental knowledge of hollowcore mass timber (HMT) panels for long floor spans currently not attainable using conventional all-wood flat-plate floor systems due to the slab spans being limited by vibration and human comfort. The feasibility of HMT panels comprised of crosslaminated timber (CLT) for top and bottom flanges, connected to glulam webs using adhesive or mechanical fasteners is investigated by evaluating the effects of key parameters on the effective flange width of CLT-glulam T-beams.

Harrow Tines: Fatigue Prediction & Real-Time Crack Detection

The agriculture sector of the Canadian prairies including the province of Saskatchewan is one of the major contributors to the Canadian economy. Farmers are the main driver of this sector, who often face delays in their harrowing process due to unexpected breakage of the harrow tines that they use. In this project, the team will develop a scientific method to predict the failure of harrow tines, as well as a live monitoring system to detect any crack in harrow tines.

Signal profiling of 5-HT2A receptors to develop new biased ligands

G protein coupled receptors (GCPRs) are proteins found at the surface of cells are responsible for activating numerous intracellular signaling pathways and thus are involved in regulating about every physiological response. Activation of GPCRs occurs via a diverse array of stimuli as varied as photons, lipids, ions, small hormone or neurotransmitters through to larger peptidic and protein molecules. Currently, GPCRs are currently the target of up to 40% of marketed drugs.

Experimentally Tuned Airframe Hybrid Stick Model Employing Digital Image Correlation for Ground Vibration Testing

This research presents a new experimentally tuned reduced-order modeling methodology employing a hybrid stick model representation. Digital image correlation (DIC) is used to synthesize mode shapes within a frequency range of interest during Ground Vibration Testing (GVT). Experimental mode shapesare augmented into the Guyan Reduced Order Model (ROM) to develop a corresponding Craig-Bampton ROM.