Development of a Deliberate Practice Scale and Model for Improving Focus and Commitment

With media being inundated with headlines on the “great resignation” and others talking about the competition for our focus, I believe this research has significant contribution to both the research literature and practice. By utilizing the deliberate practice theoretical lens (Ericsson, Krampe, Tesch-Romer, 1993), this research aims to conceptualize a model to demonstrate the impact of grit and deliberate practice on focus and commitment within teams and organizations.

Stem cell therapy for fetlock inflammation in horses

Osteoarthritis (OA) in horses is a major equine welfare problem. We propose that use and ongoing optimization of biologic therapies that have no adverse affects on joint tissues is an imperative for the racing industry. In humans with OA, the injection of stem cells produced durable long-term cartilage for up to 7 years. In Europe, two equine stem cell products have recently been approved to treat equine fetlock OA, but these products suffer from short shelf life or low cell numbers.

Genes to affordable medicines - Stream 1-B2_B3

The Structural Genomics Consortium (SGC) is a not-for-profit public-private partnership research organization that aims to accelerate the discovery of new medicines through open science. This Mitacs cluster will bring together SGC’s industry and academic collaborators to work together towards new and affordable medicines for challenging diseases. Sixty-three post-doctoral fellows will spend 2-3 years developing open source tools and knowledge for previously understudied proteins, thereby unlocking new areas of biology and identifying new opportunities for drug discovery.

Watershed Health Analysis on the Chilako River Corridor in British Columbia

The Chilako river is a 6th order river located approximately 15km west of Prince George, British Columbia. It serves as a main tributary to the Nechako River and is identified as a key spawning habitat for salmon in central British Columbia. However, disturbances such as agriculture, forest harvesting, forest fires and the Mountain Pine beetle have dramatically changed the ecosystems in the area. Landowners and residents have observed changesand expressed concern about flooding, deforestation, and stream bank erosion.

Crustal architecture and rifting style of the offshore Nova Scotia Margin

We propose to investigate the crust and uppermost mantle structure of the offshore Nova Scotia margin with the aim of producing a comprehensive regional map of the rifting style along the margin to contribute to a better understanding of the margin geology and its significant variations from NE to SW. We will process the already acquired Line 3 from the Scotian Margin Transects (SMART) refraction seismic experiment with a geophysical inversion approach.

Warehouse Picking Optimization

This project, working with a regional distribution company, focusses on optimizing the picking process in the warehouse to be able to distribute their products efficiently to customers. Some of the challenges include looking at how pickers are directed to pick products, reorganizing the warehouse based on reducing picking paths and reducing potential collisions with other pickers and forklifts by optimizing their path.

Warehouse Last Mile Delivery Optimization

This project, working with a regional distribution company, focusses on optimizing the transportation to deliver their products efficiently to customers. Some of the challenges include looking at the routes that delivery trucks take between the warehouse and the customer locations, optimally packing the delivery trucks to deliver more products with the same number of trucks and potentially justify the creation of intermediate distribution hubs.

Privacy-preserving cookie synchronization for web browsing

HTTP cookies are a small piece of data created by the web server to track visitors with goal of improving the users’ browsing experience. However, some companies make use the cookies to track internet users across multiple sites. This causes privacy concerns from the general public. The objective of this project is to develop a method to allow cookie synchronization without compromising individual privacy.

New technologies for low frequency photoacoustic imaging

This project is focussed on developing an optical imaging technology called photoacoustic imaging. Photoacoustic imaging is able to distinguish healthy tissue from cancerous tissue during breast surgery and could one day eliminate the need for repeat surgeries. The technology uses a pulsed laser to selectively build up pressure in some tissues and microphones to listen for sound as the pressure dissipates. After reconstruction, the sound recordings are converted back into a pressure map representative of the tissues. The project funds will support two PhD students.

Developing a Tool to Minimize Information Asymmetry Between Car Owner and Expert Mechanic

This project is an analysis of needs of car owners to overcome the information asymmetry between expert
mechanic and car owners in the automotive repair industry. It focuses on the understanding the specific barriers
faced by groups using a gendered lens approach and examining the expectations of a solution as informed by the
target end-user.