A Hybrid Photogrammetric/Tacheometric Device for Measuring Planar Building Facades

This project aims to produce a prototype low-cost device and accompanying software for taking many measurements of buildings quickly and easily. It is anticipated to have accuracy similar to an expensive surveying tool, but with less possibility of being thrown out of alignment in such a way that it will produce inaccurate measurements. It should also be a fraction of the cost. This device will help make it possible to manufacture energy-efficiency retrofits for buildings in a factory, meaning that they will be cheaper and have less impact on the building’s inhabitants.

Immersive Virtual Environment for Dental Restorative Techniques

Dentists and dental assistants are required to complete continuing education. Blue Light’s first technology introduced in 2010 was a patient simulator used for teaching hands-on light curing skills. This technology incorporates a mannequin head, expensive electronics and required an in-person course which is less desirable in the current covid-19 landscape. Exploring other mediums to deliver required educational training will be important over the next foreseeable future.

The Implications of Blockchain Technology on Privacy, Regulation, and Public Policy

The goal of this research project is to understand how private, blockchain-based enterprises best engage and understand current Canadian regulation on data privacy. Policy is created at many different levels of government and it can be difficult for companies to be aware of the specific requirements needed to comply with regulation. This project will ask how do tech companies situate themselves amid provincial and federal privacy regulations? What are the best practices for handling contradictions in regulation?

Machine Learning-Enhanced Anomaly Detection and Performance Optimization for Enterprise WiFi Networks

solutions for large-scale WiFi deployments where the performance of the network changes dynamically. The industry partner has an enterprise WiFi solution that collects Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), logs and WiFi configuration parameters in the cloud. There is an immediate need for automation platforms that can use these data to detect anomalies such as sudden performance degradation, understand the reasons of such poor performance and change programmable configuration parameters to mitigate the problem.

Development of an integrated foundation for precision medicine for the Atlantic Region with a focus on Colorectal Cancer and Lung cancer

Atlantic Canada has the highest rate of CRC in Canada and NL has the highest incidence of familial CRC worldwide. This study is being undertaken primarily to reveal the underlying molecular mechanisms associated with the high rate of CRC in Atlantic Canada, particularly the well-documented familial CRC in NL. We expect to define novel genetic and epigenetic lesions in tumors that may help inform treatment for patients in the Atlantic region and elsewhere.

Understanding how river bank side slopes and sediment size control failure thresholds in steep streams - Year two

Northwest Hydraulic Consultants Ltd. (NHC) is often involved in the restoration and design of steep streams. To date when assessing these river channels, NHC has relied upon experimental results conducted with fixed vertical river banks and a series of assumptions have been used to figure out how to make river channels with sloped banks. These assumptions introduce risk into the design process and likely result in the rock used to make the channel banks being over-sized. We plan to address this issue through a combination of physical experiments and field data collection.

Does intensive tree maintenance increase microhabitat diversity in old urban trees?

The proposed research will take place in the City of Mississauga. A recent study by Gro?mann et al. concluded that heavy levels of tree pruning leads to an increased number of microhabitats, compared to trees pruned less often (2020). These trees are often called ‘veteran trees’ in North America, and are very important for urban biodiversity (CITE). They provide homes, food, and other resources to many plants, mammals, birds, and reptiles (CITE). Unfortunately, trees with these microhabitats are often considered a risk by the municipality to keep standing, despite their importance.

Zipstall – On-line and Off-line Parking Availability Prediction

Searching for parking has many terrible impacts, such as wasted time, fuel, and emissions, overpaying for parking etc.

Autotaxin inhibition as a novel treatment to improve outcomes from chemotherapy and radiotherapy for cancer patients

We will investigate a new approach to improving the treatment of cancer patients. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy lose effectiveness and produce side-effects that are deleterious. For example, the development of scar tissue restricts the use of radiotherapy for several types of cancer. We will study a new type of drug, which will be supplied by our partner, that should decrease the formation of scar tissue after radiotherapy and also improve the effectiveness of radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Applying Machine Learning Methods to Air Emission Monitoring

Alberta’s Oil and Gas (O&G) sector plays a critical role in Canada meeting its commitment to the Paris Climate Change Agreement. However, few studies published the actual operation data for extraction operations (schemes), especially fuel consumption data to accurately project greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for development and expansion of O&G projects.