Real-time Automated Security Report Generation

In today’s world, organizations protect themselves and their customer’s data through the implementation of complex cybersecurity solutions composed of many different nodes, each generating constant streams of data. Building reports from this data through the calculation of various metrics can provide much needed visibility into the state of the environment. However, building such reports can be a tedious and time-consuming process.

Research in Support of New Orthotropic Steel Bridge Deck Provisions for CSA S6:25

Orthotropic bridge deck is lightweight steel deck, typically fabricated by welding “ribs” to the underside of a flat steel plate. The potential benefits of these deck systems are compelling. For example, from 1991 to 1993, the deteriorating deck on the Champlain Bridge was replaced with orthotropic steel deck panels weighing 25% less than the original reinforced concrete deck. The reduced self-weight enabled the bridge to continue to operate despite increasing live loads and deterioration of the superstructure for another two decades.

Examining the benefits of interactive learning as a function of decreased mind wandering

Educational video games or ‘serious games’ represent an emerging trend in technology-assisted learning. Research suggests that interactive media, which responds to user input (e.g. video games), may promote learning by engaging attention better than receptive media (e.g. videos). Mind wandering, including off-task thoughts, is associated with disengagement of attention and is linked to boredom and poor learning outcomes. Thus, reduced mind wandering may serve as an indicator of better engagement and learning associated with serious games.

Investing in Recovery: Strengthening Employer and Policy Roles in Labour Market Integration of Canada’s Immigrant Women in STEM

The goal of our project titled Investing in Recovery: Strengthening Employer and Policy Roles in Labour Market Integration of Canada’s Immigrant Women in STEM will be to produce new research rooted in a power analysis around the specific challenges that Canada’s immigrant women in STEM face, including the perspective of STEM employers on the opportunity costs for their growth if these barriers are not addressed (particularly in a time of pandemic recovery) as well as exploring and documenting the various kinds of support employers may need in order to sustainably improve the labour market outc

Operator space situation awareness in space object tracking tasks

In the field of space operation and monitoring, there is an increasing need to build space situation awareness (SSA). That is, how well an operator can understand the position and operation of all space objects and satellites. It is critical to organize and present all the data in a proper way to support human understanding of the situation.

Design, Development of an Automated Hipot and Continuity tester for Novel Catheter

A novel medical device is designed and built by the partner organization. The medical device must go under certain safety tests during the manufacturing process, which are currently performed manually. However, manual tests are too time consuming due to the special structure of the device. On the other hand, the device is now being approved to be used in in Europe and will start a controlled Clinical study in the USA under a PMA filling. Because of this, the partner organization wants the intern to undertake a research project whose objective is to decrees the testing time of the device.

Cold active Enzyme Booster Technology (EnBooT®) for decontamination of petroleum hydrocarbons

Petroleum hydrocarbons (comprise crude oil, gasoline, and diesel) are an important energy resource used by industries and human. At the same time, contamination by oil and oil products has caused serious harm to humans and the environment and increasing attention has been paid to the development and implementation of innovative technologies for the removal of these contaminants. Bioremediation, which is based on certain species of microorganisms to metabolize petroleum hydrocarbons completely or partially, is considered a cheap and effective method to clean up contaminated water and soil.

Smart Dashboard for Sustainable Destination Decision Making Part 2

Destinations have quickly become victims of their own success. Destination Management Organisations (DMO’s) worldwide are making a much needed shift towards the inclusion of management alongside their marketing priorities for destination management, but are often ill equipped. There is a current gap in the marketplace for useful, comprehensive and user-friendly tools to assist them.

Prediction of AL Amyloidosis Using Machine Learning

AL amyloidosis is a rare protein disorder that can be often fatal if it is not diagnosed and managed early. This disorder is caused by misfolding of proteins that clump together and form amyloid fibril deposits in major body organs. Diagnosis of AL amyloidosis is often not easy as the signs and symptoms can be mistaken for common diseases. The median survival rate after diagnosis is less than six months when the underlying plasma cell dyscrasia is left untreated in AL amyloidosis patients.

Conservation of Plant-Pollinator Relationships in the Lower Columbia Region Program

The project proposes to enhance pollination networks and the diversity of interactions among both native plants and their native pollinator taking into account the changing climate and a history of habitat loss and degradation. The main goal is to increase the ecological connections among sites to work toward a more resilient landscape in the Lower Columbia Region in south-central British Columbia.