Effectiveness of Pharmacogenetic testing in improving pharmacologic treatment for CAF Veterans

Advances in the field of pharmacogenetics have brought much attention to the potential benefit of personalized medicine in the field of psychiatry. We will assess the value of a simple pharmacogenetic test for treatment-seeking CAF veterans. If the results from prior depression studies hold in our PTSD population, this approach holds potential to save time and money and accelerate the path to recovery by matching treatment to the profile of each patient, and therefore improving treatment outcomes (Hall-Flavin et al., 2013).

Implementation of Quantum Algorithms with NMR

MRI is a powerful and widely used medical imaging technique. The main challenge with MRI is that it can
take too long. For a typical scan, the patient may be kept in the bore of the MRI machine for around 60
minutes. This is particularly difficult for patients with claustrophobia. Also, it leads to long waiting lists
for taking an MRI scan. Here in Canada the waiting list for MRI appointments is about 80 days. Our project
combines artificial intelligence and quantum technologies to speed up MRI scans and makes it more
accessible and affordable. In particular, we plan to speed up MRI 4-8 times.

Textile-Based Functional Electrical Stimulation for Depression: Prototype Development and Proof of Concept Clinical Trial

Depression has high prevalence, currently available treatments are difficult to access, have low adherence, or are associated with adverse effects. Recent work from our team suggests utility of repetitive Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) of the facial muscles responsible for producing a “genuine” smile pattern in treating depression. We propose to develop a textile-based 3-D printed facial mask personalized to the participant’s face to deliver FES and conduct the first sham-controlled pilot trial of FES of the facial muscles with this device to treat major depressive disorder (MDD).

TAT-tagged active AKT1 variants for delivery to mammalian cells

The oncogenic kinase AKT1 is a prime therapeutic target, but its function cannot be easily researched as AKT activation in cells requires stimulation of cells with an unspecific growth factor that alters all cellular signaling. I designed a new method to deliver an already activated, phosphorylated AKT1 protein to cells that do not require the use of unspecific kinase activation or cell-damaging costly transfection reagents.

Cerebrovascular mapping using human resting-state functional MRI data

Imaging the brain’s vascular response can provide useful information in diagnosing and treating patients with different brain pathologies. Commonly, this imaging is performed using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and often involves the use gas inhalation devices that involve a great deal of complexity and setup time. The expensive costs of these devices, and the inability of some patients to tolerate the gas inhalation protocol, has been a major hindrance to the wide-scale implementation of vascular response imaging across MRI centers and hospitals.

Application of Short Form Methodologies in the Workplace: Testing Survey Structure, Delivery Methods and Frequency of Data Collection

Although survey measurement is a common practice in many industries to collect workplace feedback, there is a lack of peer-reviewed literature reflecting how organizations are surveying their workforce (Rotolo, Fleck, & Shepherd, 2020). Several survey administration and design concerns should be empirically examined to understand how organizations collect data, which include survey design, delivery, and frequency.

A digital safety application using Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence to fight against intimate partner violence

The project is a digital safety application that is a one-stop solution for safety, security and emergency. The app is disguised as a Recipe application so that the abuser does not know the victim is seeking our services. The app lets the trusted contacts of a victim know her location and whereabouts during emergencies, helps the victim to record incidents of abuse which might act as evidence in the court, connect the victims to local NGOs, helps the victim to perform a relationship risk assessment and provide a safety plan to help her break free from the abusive relationship.

Opportunities and obstacles for renewable energy development

St. Anthony is the largest town on Newfoundland's Great Northern Peninsula and is connected to Newfoundland's island grid by a 248 km transmission line. This research will investigate the best locations for wind turbine installation.

Developing novel patient-derived xenograft models of glioblastoma using the SRG rat platform

Glioblastoma (GBM) is the most common and deadly cancer arising from the adult brain. There is no effective treatment and a vital need for new, accurate biological models to understand the character and reveal new possible therapeutic strategies. The mouse has long been used to model human GBM, but the very small anatomy creates many limitations. Hera Biolabs has created the SRG rat with brain volume about 5 times those of mice. This proposed study will evaluate the growth of human GBM in SRG rats and the treatment response in this new model.

Converging Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Capillary Microfluidics simulation in Lab-on-a-chip

Nowadays, microfluidic systems have shown an excellent application in design and manufacturing of biological portable testing platforms that are utilized in the early diagnosis of viral diseases, rapidly. There is usually a gap between technology developers, engineers, and potential users such as physicians, and developing user-friendly tools in designing microfluidic systems requires a considerable effort in a trial-and-error process.