An Intersectional Analysis of the Impacts of Precarious Public Sector Employment on Women

This research project will examine how precarious work conditions (e.g., casual, temporary, contract-based, and normally poorly paid work) impact women workers, particularly those who are historically marginalized, including racialized women, Indigenous women, women with disabilities, and GLBTTQ women. It will also examine the impacts of precarious employment on women as users of public programs and services. This research is important for the Canadian Labour Congress because it will help them better understand the wide range of experiences that workers in Canada face.

Fitness Coach Connects Program Evaluation

Shepell·fgi, a leader in Employee and Family Assistance Programs (EFAPs) in Canada, launched its Fitness Coach Connects program in June 2013. This program engages users through the use of a wireless activity tracker, personalized interactions and coaching sessions with a dedicated Fitness Coach, as well as access to an online program. This internship will support Shepell·fgi’s Clinical Services and Research department in their evaluation of the Fitness Coach Connects program’s user data and feedback.

Child Strength: Supporting communities through executive functioning and early literacy strategies

It is evident that children require support for executive function and emergent literacy development to optimize their personal well-being, school, learning and life success. This project focuses on how to best support executive function [EF] and early emergent literacy [EL] acquisition for our children by providing a parent and early childcare community with strategies on how to engage and immerse young learners in developmentally appropriate activities.

Continuing an Evaluation of the Skills for Safer Living Program by Developing and Testing an Outcomes Evaluation Measure

The proposed research project is an evaluation of the outcomes of a suicide prevention program, Skills for Safer Living (SFSL). The program is an intervention that targets individuals with a high risk of suicide as indicated by multiple prior suicide attempts. SFSL has been adapted from a previous program that has shown positive outcomes, but an evaluation of SFSL outcomes has yet to be done.

Unions and the Macro-Economy

This research proposes to examine the relationship between unionization in Canada and Canadian rates of employment, unemployment, and the distribution of earned income. Particular attention will be paid to the institutional environment in which unions and collective bargaining exist. The problem to be explored is the way in which the institutional environment (such as laws governing collective bargaining rights) has shaped the effect of unionization on the Canadian macro-economy and consequently affected the employment and income opportunities of working Canadians.

From Data Cleaning, Design and Migration to Portfolio Construction for Effective Recommendations and Decision Making in the Charity Domain

Charity donations have long been a feature of society smoothing the differences between rich and poor. In the past these donations were handled manually using a variety of ah hoc means. This continuing project aims at systematizing the donation process by implementing an online system that facilitates the connection between donors and recipients, thus enabling amore efficient donation environment.

The Impact of Intervention on Struggling Adolescents’ Understanding of Self-in-Relationships

This project will be completed in partnership with Pine River Institute, a residential and wilderness treatment centre in Ontario for youths aged 13 – 19. I plan to investigate if/how Pine River Institute is able to help substance-addicted youth achieve the core developmental tasks of adolescence, including developing a healthy sense of self and healthy relationships with others. I am interested in the mechanism of change; that is, what is it about the program that helps accelerate development in the key areas of self and relationships.

Same-Day Delivery Strategy into Retail Industry

The research will focus on understanding how same-day delivery courier companies can collaborate with retailers in order to form a mutually beneficial option for the end consumer. It will focus on choosing retailers that can have such service incorporated into their current operations. The challenges, risks, and considerations of the transition will be analyzed to help all parties involved. Ultimately, the research will validate the market, which will show whether there is a demand for such service.

Extraction of energy and value-added products from municipal wastewater

In effort to reduce the environmental footprint and improve the sustainability of wastewater treatment plants, this study is focused on the production of energy and the recovery of value-added products from municipal wastewater via the chemical precipitation of magnesium ammonium phosphate (struvite). The method employs the controlled addition of a suitable magnesium compound such as magnesium oxide to wastewater at moderate to high pH values in order to promote the formation and precipitation of struvite.

Incorporating Same-Day Delivery into Retail Industry

Due to a lack of legitimate case studies exploring the same-day delivery, this internship will help by adding significantly to the body of applied research in this new trend. Courier industry can revamp the practices of "brick and mortar" retailers by convincing them to cover the cost for their customers in return for value-added service. However, no one truly understands the longevity and feasibility of this service aimed to improve customer satisfaction.