Exploring a century of change through repeat photography on the Alsek River

Historical survey images of mountains, glaciers, vegetation, and river features captured during the 1906 Alaska Border Survey will be repeated on the Alsek River by PhD student Christopher Rhodes. The sites of the original images will be accessed by river rafting during expeditions with Canadian River Expeditions down the Alsek River. The goal is to track landscape and ecological changes using repeat photography. For the intern, this is a critical component of his PhD thesis.

Neural Network Model for Predicting NBA Shot Outcome

As the game of basketball evolved, analysis of the game has also grown from taking average of field goal percentage to more complex analytics. In the 2013-2014 season, the NBA has installed the SportVU Player Tracking technology in every NBA arena. SportVU collects 25 frames of data per second, each frame containing the (x,y) coordinates of each of the 10 players and the (x,y,z) coordinates of the basketball.

Evaluating the Cumulative Effect of Hypothermia and Hypoxia on Substrate Metabolism in Humans at Rest

The ‘Obesity Epidemic’ is a major issue faced by western society today. Physical activity is known to directly correlate with reduced body fat, increased strength, and an improved overall sense of health and wellness. However, a majority of the population, for various reasons, is not physically active. These reasons can vary from the lack of financial or social support to lack of intrinsic motivation to be physically active, and in some cases, being virtually unable to engage in physical activity.

Randomized Controlled Trial of a Behavior Change Intervention to Increase Aerobic and Resistance Exercise and Quality of Life in Older Prostate and Breast Cancer Survivors: The OutPACE Trial

Age is a key factor in cancer burden, with 28% of new cancer cases and 22% of cancer deaths occurring in individuals between the ages of 60-69. Despite this, little research has examined cancer survivorship in older adults. This is unfortunate, as older cancer survivors experience poorer quality of life, functional status, and general health compared with individuals with no cancer history. Older cancer survivors also are at an increased risk of developing recurring and secondary cancers, as well as other chronic diseases (e.g., cardiovascular).

Evaluation of National Physical Activity Initiatives

In 2007, ParticipACTION was relaunched in Canada with the goal of inspiring and supporting active living and sport participation for Canadians. The focus of ParticipACTION is on social marketing initiatives The objective of the proposed internship is to take advantage of data collected through internal evaluations commissioned by ParticipACTION of two national campaigns – Teen Challenge, and Sports Day in Canada, and address a number of knowledge gaps in the physical activity research field.

Knowledge, awareness, and uptake of new Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines

Being physically active is associated with many health benefits. To help guide people on how much activity they need for optimal health, the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology developed new Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines for all age groups. Specifically, this work will look at assessment, awareness, and uptake of the new guidelines as it relates to Canadians, their families, and their health care providers.

The Dramaturgy of Education: Digital and Textual Avenues for Stratford Festival Student Enrichment

The post-doctoral fellow will act as an academic liaison between the Stratford Festival’s Education Department and the University of Waterloo, including contributing to the Games Institute’s joint project on a series of Shakespeare-themed video games and apps, academic support for future Festival artistic endeavours, and development of the Education Department’s distribution materials. The Festival will benefit from a development of new games, collection of metadata, and dramaturgical support.

The Effect of a Gait Modification Program on Impact Loading and Injury Rates among Runners

The proposed research project aims to investigate the effect overstriding of running gait modification during running has on the incidence of running-related injuries. A comparison of key variables will be performed on an instrumented treadmill and overground. Correlation between overstriding and other biomechanical and muscle activationkinematic and spatiotemporal variables with kinetic and injury incidence outcomes will be measured and a gait retraining program will be developed and implemented to address these known injury risk factors.

Development of advanced tools to measure and train neuromechanic aspects of movement technique in rhythmic sports: use of technology to optimize performance

This research proposal involves a series of investigations that use advanced techniques to evaluate human movement and muscle activity in elite sports in an attempt to create feedback tools useful to athletes and coaches to improve performance. It has been difficult to collect human movement data on elite cyclists and rowers in training and competition. However, recent advances in wireless technology and analysis techniques have provided substantial useful information for elite cycling in real world environments.

Efficacy of Self Myofascial Release Techniques

Roller-massager is a convenient tool that uses upper body strength (rather than body weight) to move the roller across a muscle to imitate massage effects. Massage has been used to remove the knots and tensions sometimes found in muscle that can lead to pain and stiffness. It is not known if a roller massager can on its own or when used with massage can help alleviate the pain and stiffness associated with these muscle restrictions (knots or cramps). To date there are no published studies to validate the effectiveness of the roller massager.