Intern has his sights set on space

The sights and sounds of Ottawa in the summer are not to be missed, but for Globalink Research intern Yukun Huang, it’s the city’s night skies that he most looks forward to. Yukun’s fascination with space began at a young age with the purchase of his first telescope. Over the years that interest has grown, and has led him to pursue a degree in Mechanical Engineering at China’s Harbin Institute of Technology with the hopes of one day working in the aerospace industry.

Xahive Expansion Project

The XAHIVE mandate is to improve the privacy and security of communication between professionals. At XAHIVE, Carleton students will be researching a differentiator in communication encryption and decryption coupled with a significant increase the convenience while retaining all levels of existing functionality. Additionally, students will be researching methods and processes to convert XAHIVE into an extensible platform that can be integrated into existing solutions and to enable the development of new solutions by third parties.

Porting Virtual Machine for running on Blackberry and Android Environments

The purpose of this contract is to port SageTea’s Alpha Version of its Virtual Machine for QNX to Android. The Virtual Machine contains approximately 30,000 lines of C Code and has an existing QNX compiling environment. It is able to run Smalltalk (to a limited degree) and is used for running SageTea on Smart Phones. This job is a port of the code from QNX to Android and bring both to a level of readiness to run beta trials on both QNX and Android. We are interested to know if this project can be delivered as installable “services” that can hide the VM model completely.

Exploring the use of the Media Equation in children’s educational cybersecurity games

MediaSmarts’ vision is to ensure children and youth have the critical thinking skills to engage with media as active and informed digital citizens. This project will redesign one of MediaSmarts cybersecurity games to increase its effectiveness and engagement, through the use of Media Equation principles. The Media Equation is a communication and HCI theory on how humans respond to and interact with computers and new media.

Methods for detecting Hardware Blu-ray player emulation, debugging or instrumentation

Blu-Ray Disk Framework offers content protection system which is intended to protect audio/video media against piracy. The Blu-Ray Content Protection System consists of three individually working components: Advance Access Control System, ROM-Mark and BD+. Each component works collaboratively with the other in order to protect high-definition content distributed on Blu-Ray discs.

Design and secure implementation of a new white-box transform based on permutation polynomials

Irdeto has a need to create software that is protected in the white-box attack context, which means that attackers have direct access to the software, can execute it, modify it, and stop it to read the data being processed by the software. If attackers are able to modify software in ways that are useful to them, they can cause a wide range of problems including stealing data, gaining unauthorized access to systems, and stealing cryptographic keys.

Experimental and Numerical Investigations of a Rice Husk Pyrolysis Reactor

A rice husk pyrolysis reactor producing syngas and char was developed by GreenGenTech Energy Inc. (Ottawa, ON) and is currently being built and commercialized in China by a partner company called Ruizhantai. The reactor is fully functional and some sites have been running continuously for two years, although requiring skillful operation during start-up or when agglomeration of husk occurs. Aiming at optimized and more automatically controlled operations, GreenGenTech Energy Inc.

Space-borne water quality assessment

Understanding river water quality is critical for various purposes such as ensuring drinking water safety, protecting public health and aquatic habitat, monitoring pollution, and disease control. The traditional approach to investigating water quality is by acquiring water samples at fixed-locations, which is time and cost consuming and cannot discover spatial distribution of water quality over a large area. The goal of this proposal is using remote sensing imagery to provide a complementary method to map and monitor water quality in large areas at real time.

A Flexible Next-Generation Network Platform

CENGN ( ), the Center of Excellence in Next Generation Networking, is a newly formed tri-council funded center of excellence for commercialization and research (CECR) that will bridge the gap between research and commercialization, which is critical to building successful startup companies. CENGN is a consortium of industry, academic and research leaders who are putting their expertise and equipment on the table to lower the barrier to entry for SMEs and researchers.

Head Start Ottawa: review of program structure and implementation

The objective of this project is to review the program structure, program delivery and client satisfaction for 10 Head Start early childhood education centres operating in Ottawa, ON. Through a mixed-methods approach that combines interviews, surveys, and drawing activities with children we will gain insights on the strengths and challenges experienced by families, children and operators of the Head Start programs.