Development and Scale Up of Precursors for Atomic Layer Deposition Year Two

Precision Molecular Design is involved in chemical precursor synthesis, design, and intellectual property for the thinfilm industry. Precursors for this billion dollar industrial sector are required for a variety of metal and non-metal films, including copper, ruthenium, and titanium nitride and tantalum nitride, to name a few. All of these films are metallic conductors involved in interconnect technology (i.e., micro- and nano-scale wiring) for microelectronic devices.

Contextual recommendation for online merchants

Shopify provides a platform for merchants to sell their products online. Shopify merchants typically face various common concerns at different phases of their development, such as uploading their product descriptions, marketing their shop, increasing their sales, etc. The goal of this project is to build a software system to identify which problems the merchant is currently facing and for which some help is welcome, and to make customized, pertinent, timely and yet unintrusive suggestions to solve these problems, thus acting as a virtual business assistant.

Simplified Identification of Insects using Software Tools and Digital Photography

Identification of insect prey is essential for understanding the foraging behaviours of insectivorous bat and bird predators. The intern will develop software tools that will aid a skilled entomologist with the rapid identification of insects from photographs taken from field collecting sites.

Development of Advanced Damage Detection Techniques for Aerospace Composite Structures

In this collaborative project with Comtek Advanced Structures, the PhD Intern will develop methodologies to model and predict the propagation of acousto-ultrasonic and ultrasonic sound waves in advanced composite materials for aerospace applications. These sound waves can be used to detect damage and degradation in aircraft structures.

Development of a Truly Intelligent Robotic Vacuum Cleaner for Household Applications

Robotic vacuum cleaners (RVCs) have been leading the industry as domestic helpers for several years now, with continuous improvements in functionality and performance. Nowadays, consumers are showing more and more interest in purchasing RVCs. The market size has grown up to 350 billion dollars per year. However to date, most RVCs on the market are intended only for household minor cleaning, and none of them can truly mimic human being in performing a regular deep cleaning.

Lightweight Composite Consoles for Aerospace Applications

Lightweight Composite Consoles for Aerospace Applications: Carbon fiber composites used in aerospace applications are subjected to harsh environments while in service. In particular, structural components are often exposed to oils, fuels and hydraulic fluids. Over time, these contaminants may affect the material properties of the composites and thus, the mechanical behavior of the components. This project will investigate the effect of various contaminants and combined stress environments on composite materials used in aerospace applications.

Implementing A Community Model of Policing: A Case Study of Change

Over the past several years, serious concern has emerged in many Western nations over the future and sustainability of public policing. The situation in Canada is no different. Key stakeholders in the Canadian policing community have expressed serious concern about the sustainability of policing. A model of public policing has emerged in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan that may represent a way forward for municipalities as well as larger jurisdictions across the country.

Mild Cognitive Impairment: Can Decline to Dementia be Monitored and Delayed by Computer-Based Games?

Over the last decade, there has been a growing literature on “brain plasticity” and the role of computer based games for brain health improvement. Most of the focus has been on healthy older adults. While there has been pharmacologic treatment available for dementia for decades, there is no accepted standard treatment for Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI). This project aims to engage individuals with MCI in computer-based games that are programmed to 1) allow remote monitoring of improvement and/or decline and 2) strengthen cognitive function through improvement in game performance.

Fiber-optic based point of care genetic testing device

Point-of-Care DNA tests have grown in importance throughout recent years. Incorporation of devices in patient beside treatment requires fast turn-around times for results as well as economic feasibility. Spartan Bioscience, a local biotechnology company, has developed a technology that can detect abnormalities in a person’s DNA. In an effort to develop next generation technology, Spartan Bioscience has collaborated with several faculties at Carleton to develop a platform that will have improved performance.

Research Study into Impact of E-mail on Employees

The proposed research to be undertaken is an investigation into the relationship between electronic communication (E-mail, text messages, and Instant Messages) and key employee/employer outcomes (Employee outcomes include: work-life conflict, perceived stress, depressed mood, and anxiety; Employer outcomes include: engagement, work-role overload, job satisfaction, and work related stress.