Wireless Architectures for Smart Networked Toys

Cistel Technology Inc. is a progressive information technology (IT) services company with a long-standing relationship in the high tech sector and the Federal Government. This internship proposal has both a research and a development component. The research component will concentrate on accessing methods under the IEEE 805.15 protocol that will be used in the prototypes of the smart wireless toys. The access part involves both scheduling of the nodes (toys) in order to interact in an efficient well-controlled manner, and also issues on interference at the physical layer.

Semantic Forwarding Engine for Content-based Routing

This project is about content-based networks. In content-based networks, the decisions regarding the forwarding of data are done by inspecting the actual information contents. The forwarding process is guided by properties of the payload data. This is in contrast with traditional networks where forwarding is guided only by the destination addresses contained in packets.

Security of Routing Protocols

Alcatel, a leader in fixed and mobile broadband networks, applications and services, was interested in increasing the security of routers which are at the core of the Internet. It is generally acknowledged by experts that abusing routing protocols presents an easy way for launching attacks on the Internet infrastructure, and that a single misbehaving router can completely disrupt routing protocols and cause disaster. The intern and research team proposed a new security extension for BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) named Pretty Secure BGP (psBGP).