Automatic Annotation of Vertebral Heart Score and Tibial Plateau Angle in X-ray Images

The proposed work combines artificial intelligence and diagnostic medicine. Using X-ray images, radiologists and veterinarians can perform an array of measurements to assess patient health. In a veterinary setting, standard measurements and annotations are performed on X-ray images to assess heart and knee health in canines, namely vertebral heart score (VHS) and tibial plateau angle (TPA). Provided a database of related radiographic images, the chosen intern can develop a method to automatically place annotations and perform these measurements through applications of machine learning.

Skill – An AI-generation resume standard

Skill is an open-source standard format for resume writing that is optimized to be processed by AI systems. It can remove the hassle and stress of fully expressing themselves from job seekers and eliminate the hassle of finding the best candidate from employers. As AI systems grow more popularity in different fields, Skill will provide the required tool for re-defining the hiring process with the help of artificial intelligence.

BIM-based Seismic Performance Assessment of Buildings for Post-Earthquake Rehabilitation

As many of the existing buildings are reaching almost the end of their actual design life, new buildings are replacing them with more innovative and complicated technologies. At the same time, there are concerns and uncertainties about probabilistic structural failures and undesired structural system behaviors. The performance of these building under loads such as earthquakes and other natural disasters are of great interest. Therefore, seismic damage assessment of buildings for post-earthquake rehabilitation have received significant attention in the rcent times.

High power density motor and converter for electric cars

Governments around the globe are pressing the automotive industry to reach lower emission and better efficiency with various specifications targets and regulations. With the increasing amount of electric vehicle models that are available and the higher demand on the market, major OEMs are looking for components to differentiate themselves and offer competitive solutions. As the electric traction motors and converters are relatively new components in the automotive industry, significant technological steps are observed in the industry regarding the power density and efficiency improvement.

“Missed Connections: Encouraging social encounter, connection, andengagement through time- and location-sensitive playful interactionand games among users/players of public space.”

In this research project, research on cross-reality urban games that foster social engagement and interaction among city-dwellers with themselves and the urban spaces they inhabit will be furthered. Special attention will be paid to the shared experience of time and memory, as these two interface in Urbanoid’s cross-reality urban game x-ode. The knowledge gained will be applied in the implementation and deployment of x-ode, an urban cross-reality game, in Montreal in the Fall of 2020. Urbanoid Inc.

Diagnostics and Explainable Machine Learning Models

Despite the advances of Machine Learning, the models are still being considered black-boxes that are difficult to diagnose and explain. The model performance diagnostic measures are critical to the assessment of the model’s relevance, accuracy and robustness. Good models’ performance is the primary enabler of their successful deployment in real-life applications. However, even if the models perform well, it is not known why the models predict the way they do, that is, which input variables are responsible for the models’ predictions.

Deployment of motion platform control architecture for a high-fidelity driving experience in simulators

Realistic driving experience in motion simulators is a key element for the impressiveness of the VR based simulators. In the driving simulator the free motion of the vehicle is mapped to a motion platform with limited workspace by filtering out the motion and scaling it down with a motion cueing algorithm. These algorithms should be designed in such a way to give a feeling to the users as if they are driving a real vehicle.

Integrated Optimal CLT Building Design Considering Energy Performance and Structural Performance

This research proposed a method to conduct optimal CLT building design, which has minimum CLT usage and minimum operating energy consumption. This is a multidisciplinary research pushing the boundary of current definition of optimal design for each disciplinary to another level. With the developing of Building information modeling and automized simulation-optimization technology, the design of building will evolve to an interdisciplinary design in this decade, and this research demonstrate the benefit and application of integrated design.

Towards an Elastic and Reliable Cloud Resource Management

This work is a holistic automatic methodology for cloud resource management system, which is a corner stone to build any cloud system. Cloud players rely on this to reduce management effort and cloud running cost, by enabling dynamic service access to cloud clients with cheapest price for customer, and high revenue for cloud providers. Customer requirements must be achieved based on their service level agreement like availability of the service.

Pickup and Delivery with Smart Service Times

The research problem to be addressed is the pickup and delivery problem (last mile) with precedence constraints for the pickup/delivery operations, and time windows. The objective is: (i) the design of a new algorithm that will use the algorithm of Curtois et al.