Coalescing around gender inequity frames on Twitter: The use of online campaign to #ElectMoreWomen in the Toronto 2018 Municipal elections

Using an advanced social media analysis tool developed by experts at Nexalogy, we will look at a Twitter campaign that focuses on gender-identity and inequality in an effort to challenge and change unequal representation of marginalized people (in this case, gender) in elected office and spaces of traditional political power.

Patient Privacy Preservation through Federation or Encryption? A Comparative review and prototypes

The recent advances in machine learning based on deep neural networks, coupled with the availability of phenomenal storage capacity, are transforming the industrial landscape. However, these novel machine learning approaches are known to be data hungry, as they need to tune a huge number of parameters in order to perform well. As more and more AI based applications are being deployed to learn from personal data, privacy concerns are rising, and more specifically on sensible domains like medicine, finance or mobile related data.

Safety and Security for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

Currently, the automotive industry is going through a very significant transformation---one that is blending cars with modern IT, involving technologies such as: multiple CPUs for in-car computing, ad-hoc networking and Internet connectivity, computer vision and sensing technologies, entertainment and artificial intelligence for automated driving and real-world congestion control. Connected and intelligence vehicles are also raising cyber-security concerns.

Feasibility of a pressure retarded osmosis process for Quebec electricity generation - Year two

Osmotic power or salinity gradient energy is one type of the renewable energies which is produced by fresh and salt water. This new environmental friendly energy based on the advantages such as carbon dioxide free and generating power continuously in all weather conditions seems to be a good option in which to invest. Therefore, investigation and research on osmotic energy and the technologies that generate it will be highly beneficial to Quebec. This project looks to develop expertise related to osmotic power.

Machine Learning Strategies in the Physical North American Power Markets

Machine learning techniques have been applied to the financial industry for some time. They have allowed large utilities and generators to better forecast their needs, and the prices they will pay, leading to a generally more efficient grid. However, very little research has been done that could benefit power marketers, who do not have a load to serve or a generating facility to manage. The application of machine learning techniques has yielded great results in the financial industry.

Scheduling for Meal-Kit Industry

The partner is experiencing difficulties in finding an efficient solution for planning and scheduling the production in meal processing plants. The challenges involve rapid degradation of fresh food ingredients, a wide variety of products and demand which cannot be predicted in advance. The partner spends a lot of time on tactical management of business activities. During this research, the intern will analyse the current business practices and provide a scientific solution to production planning in the food industry.

Classification of radiological observation through image-sentence association

Imagia is an AI-driven personalized healthcare company, enabling collaborative development of predictive biomarkers. Its Evidens platform unites deep learning expertise and clinical insights on federated patient data from partnered hospitals & AI research institutions. Imagia delivers impactful solutions to healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers.

Modeling and Measuring Insurance Risks Considering IFRS 17 Framework

The objective of the project is to design a model determining capital requirements associated with property and casualty insurance business lines for an insurer that is compliant with the new IFRS 17 framework (international accounting framework). Several subcomponents of the model will be developed such as a dynamic model embedding dependence for the evolution of incurred but not reported (IBNR) claims, a risk measurement component with risk measures and an allocation framework for capital requirements across the various business branches of the insurer.

The making of a woman feature filmmaker: Gender and cultural production in a Montreal-based film school

In Canada, women have made significant inroads in television, web series, documentaries, and experimental films. But few women directors and screenwriters participate in big-budget feature film production. This study explores the marginalization of women in the feature film industry through the lens of film production training. As previous studies have shown, film education can shape student filmmakers’ professional identity and aesthetic repertoires.

Optimizing the Thermal and Optical Performance of Multilayer Glazing with Application of Nano-optical Coating

The following research project will be used to investigate, develop and determine the performance of the application of a new nanotechnological material as a coating on glazing for the purposes of reducing the transmittance of specific wavelengths on the spectral curve. This will reduce the overall building heating and cooling energy consumption and will create a new market for the product in Canada and abroad.