IoT/M2M Network Capacity Planning Analytics

The Internet of Things is gaining popularity and it will enable the development of new applications that will be useful to businesses in almost any industry and in society. It is expected that more than 50 billion IoT devices will communicate via telecoms networks and will send an enormous amount of data. One major challenge to the successful deployment of this large and heterogeneous network is the problem of capacity planning. An in-depth knowledge of IoT traffic characteristics is necessary to optimize the capital expenditure (CAPEX) but no work has been done so far in this area.

Design of a self-adapting project management application

To be more competitive in the market, many companies are trying to speed up the quotation process and quote more attractive prices and have identified a need for support in the quotation process in order to reduce the quotation lead-time and ensure a higher level of accuracy in the cost estimations. In the case of CIENA, a first investment has been made for an automated price quotation system with respect to the equipment/products that are sold by the company (currently under development).

Makerbloks Kit Video Analysis using Computer Vision Techniques

MakerBloks is a creative solution to introduce children to the world of electronics. Our first products, MakerBloks, are small, reactive, color-coded building block that allows the user to learn and build electronic circuits without any technical background. In order to bring electronics learning to a new level of interactivity, MakerBloks want to develop a block recognition software that will allow the physical building blocks to interact with a tablet application.

Ecology, Conservation and Welfare of Captive Wildlife

A joint research agreement was adopted between Concordia University and Zoo de Granby in the spring 2014. The firm BBA joined this partnership in November 2014. The aim of the initiative is to foster the training of highly qualified personnel in conservation and welfare of captive wildlife, by allowing Concordia students to get hands-on experience at the zoo.

Feature-based 3D Robot Motion Programming

Path programming for various robot applications in the industry involves precise specification of data for coordinated control of the different moving parts, arms, limbs, joints, etc. in order to optimally perform application specific tasks. Robotmaster™ software from Jabez Technologies is used to plan and simulate robotic operations and generate robot code for industrial applications. Robotmaster recently won the Robotics Game Changer Award for enhancing the way in which robots are programmed, facilitating their adoption in new and technologically emerging applications.

Novaxe: Novel Online System for Guitar Music Score Recognition, Retrieval, Presentation, and Animation

This project is going to digitalize a patented method of presenting the guitar tablature and build an online system to assist guitar teaching. The new method can present the guitar tablature with 8 building clocks. People can easily learn the chores of thousands of songs, which is impossible with the other methods. The system is called Novaxe. Novaxe is going to have a graph screen to display the fretboard with the information about the chord progression, rhythm pattern, tempo, key, `position`, song form, chord form, title, artist, year, and genre of a song.

Control of a Self-Organizing Network of Quadrotor Vehicles Interacting with Real-Time Acoustic Signals

Networks are pervasive in our world. From migrating birds flying in formation, to social groups, wireless networks, world-wide web, the examples are endless. Migrating birds, such as the Canada goose, are a good example of a network between agents where information is communicated based on real-time musical (acoustic) signals. Inspired by this example, the research problem being addressed in this proposal is the real-time autonomous response of a network of quadrotors to acoustic inputs in a choreographic performance.

Automated optimization of robotic tasks and transitions using graph-based approaches

In recent years, machining with robots has become a trend in the manufacturing industry. The concept offers an economical solution for medium to low accuracy machining applications. However, due to the complexity of the robot kinematics, planning for these paths is challenging. Jabez Technologies has developed a semi-graphical approach that can program large robot-paths. This approach has been very well received by the industry and has proven to be extremely robust in practice. However, this approach is semi-automatic and cannot work without user input.

The Effects of Active Road Signs on Road Safety and Driving Behavior

This project seeks to evaluate the benefits of deploying active road signs on road safety and driving behavior. Different types of iluminated and traffic responsive traffic signs will be considered, under urban and rural setting. Two case studies will be analyzed for this purpose. The company expects to identify demonstrate that their products are beneficial to improve road safety. This represents an initial stage of the larger project. Eventually, the industrial partner seeks to develop a global framework for deployment of active traffic signs based on several factors (e.g.

The relationship between low back pain, pain related fear, and the quality of movement in low back pain patients

This study proposes to evaluate the quality of movement in patients with low back pain using a novel device. We are going to measure and compare the movement of people with back pain to that of healthy people. In addition, we plan on correlating the psychological factors associated with low back pain to tissue pathology. Many previous studies have used self-report measures of movement, and now we will determine whether our method of measuring movement correlates with these self-reports.