Development of advanced planning and estimating model for scaffolding manhour

Heavy industrial construction projects consist of oil refinaries which generally involve complex structures, large-scale sites, and large numbers of workers from different disciplines such as civil, mechanical, and chemical. These disciplines may require similar or completely different scaffolding systems in order for workers to not only access their working areas but also move material horizontally and vertically.

Development of a solution to assess the quality and to optimize AI-based video codecs

Current video codecs consider algorithms to analyze video imagery in order to find out which bits can be removed for file size reduction without subjective video frame degradation. Integrating AI with encoding process improves the quality of encoding and decoding. AI permits the software to proactively assess the quality of the encoded video before transmission. This allows the compressing system to detect and remedy any possible artifacts in the video frames.

Using semi-supervised learning for classification of sport images

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly becoming one of the most critical aspects in both business and science, and an increasing number of leading technology companies in Canada are at the forefront of AI development and innovation. The proposed research project aims at developing AI algorithms that have the ability to accurately classify the sport practiced or the sporting equipment present in an image.

An efficient heuristic algorithm for laboratory analysis profile selection

In health care industry, the tests of laboratory analysis are organized and priced in the format of profiles. Each profile contains a specific group of tests. The price of a profile is usually lower than the sum of the prices of individual tests included in the profile. In this project, the intern will develop a special optimization algorithm for selecting test profiles and/or combinations of test profiles to cover the list of tests required by a patient. This is an important component to enable an online price estimation service provided by Medialpha.

Future Safe: Designing Efficient Face Masks in the Era of COVID 19

With the surreal times we are living in the context of Covid-19, wearing face masks has become a global public necessity. While many people are wearing face masks, not all masks are created equal. From very expensive high-tech respirators with multiple layers of filtration, to homemade face masks using less than ideal fabrics, the general public has become aware that covering their faces is a big factor that can reduce contagion. For the general public, effective face masks are difficult to breathe in, and those that let too much air flow are not effective.

Structural performance of Glass Fibre-Reinforced Polymer (GFRP) reinforced concrete tilt-up wall panels under out-of-plane loads

Glass Fibre-Reinforced Polymer (GFRP) materials have emerged as a promising material in civil engineering applications due to their superior characteristics such as light weight, high strength, durability, and resistance to corrosion. Thanks to these features, GFRP bars have been used in many civil infrastructure applications. However, there are still opportunities to benefit from this innovative material. Using tilt-up wall panel method in construction of houses, and commercial and industrial buildings is a popular alternative to cast-in-place, precast, or masonry construction methods.

Improve workplace wellbeing using AI and organizational behavior software platform

behaviours within a given organization. This will allow to remedy and/or remove the counterproductive, and to enhance and enable positive behaviours, civility and engagement. The platform that will be developed is unique and distinctly not social feedback nor 360-degree feedback. The cloud-based systems that will be developed should detect, measure, map, correct, and sustain the quality of interactions and culture among members of an organization or a work group.

COVID-19 Grocery Response NDG

Grocery Response NDG is a grocery ordering and delivery program for seniors 70+ who are confined to their homes during the pandemic. The project is a joint initiative of Concordia University (Ageing + Communication + Technologies – ACT) and New Hope Seniors Centre. The Québec response to the COVID-19 pandemic requires seniors 70 and over to self-isolate Seniors with limited or no social networks and no access to the Internet are especially at risk.

Formulation d’un cadre d’analyse des politiques culturelles de soutien COVID-19 pour la diffusion dans le secteur culturel au Québec et application sur les musées québécois

Depuis plusieurs semaines, la COVID-19 bouleverse plusieurs aspects de la société, tels que les liens sociaux ou économiques. Parmi les nombreux secteurs affectés, le domaine de la culture est particulièrement touché au Québec et partout dans le monde. Par exemple, les regroupements tels que les festivals, expositions ou spectacles sont maintenant annulés. Cela pose donc des conséquences économiques importantes pour le secteur.

Accelerated Time-Stepping for Computational Aerodynamics

The design of next-generation cleaner and quieter aircraft will rely on accurate simulations of turbulent flows. These simulations, referred to as Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), are critical in the design of both the external shape of an aircraft, as well as other components such as jet engines and propellers. The industry partner, ANSYS, develops one of the most widely-used CFD solvers - Fluent. The objective of this project will be to develop new time-stepping methods for Fluent specifically for unsteady flow solutions.