Design of real-time a localization algorithm for high-flow environments on embedded processor

The deployment of tidal turbine equipment in the Bay of Fundy can potentially impact marine life in the environment. There is a large population of harbour porpoises that can be affected by this equipment, and it is important to detect their presence and locate them. In this work, a tool to visualize harbour porpoises in real-time will be developed so that it can be readily available to visitors at the Fundy Ocean Research Center for Energy Visitor Center in Parsborro. For this purpose, a signal processing tool will be developed on a high-speed processor.

Verification methodologies for autonomous agents to enable safe marine autonomous surface ships (MASS)

The application of autonomy is driven by a desire to safeguard lives by removing crew from dangerous environments and reducing the likelihood or impact of accidents arising from human error. State of the art Marine Autonomous Surface Ships (MASS) deployed for extended periods in complex in-land, coastal, and off-shore applications, must be able to address changes in their state, environment, and mission by adapting their mission plan.

Environmental DNA samplers for aquaculture decision making

We propose a research project that explores lab-on-chip microfluidic technology for transformative gains in wet-chemistry handling for environmental DNA samplers applied to the aquaculture space. We anticipate that our lab-on-chip sampler will reduce instrument size and cost, while improving sample integrity through automation and fluidic integration. We believe that such an eDNA sampler would find broad applicability beyond our initial use case of aquaculture.

Plant growth response to growth promoting rhizobacteria

Numerous species of soil bacteria flourish in the rhizosphere of plants, which may grow in, on, or around plant tissues and stimulate plant growth by a plethora of mechanisms. These bacteria are collectively known as plant growth promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR). Bacillus velezensis is a PGPR that promotes plant growth, enhances drought stress tolerance, and suppresses plant pathogens. However, little is known about the interactive effects of exogenous orange peel amendments and B. velezensis PGPR strains on plants growth and productivity. The project aims to (i) identify elite strains of B.

Development of digital technologies for wild blueberry cropping system to lower production costs and increase berry quality

Artificial intelligence coupled with machine vision agrochemical sprayers can replace traditional uniform applications. Novel advancements utilizing high resolution images with deep learning techniques are required to develop new algorithms for advanced real-time automated classification. Fields will be surveyed, and a digital library database of images will be acquired for the major target weeds that are spatially variable throughout the fields.

Threats to urban-forest sustainability in Halifax Regional Municipality

Our research aims to provide reliable information to HRM’s urban forestry staff for decision-making to enhance the sustainability of the city’s tree population. One student will investigate the factors that contribute to poor health and mortality of new street trees, aiming to assist the urban forestry staff to alleviate these factors in future plantings.

Immune Cell Tracking of immunotherapy Response in Orthotopic Epithelial Ovarian Cancer Model

IMV Inc. is developing injectable cancer immune therapy using the company’s DPXTM technology. DPX is a patented formulation that displays excellent tumor control and provides a long lasting and specific effect). DPX can be tailored to various cancers via the use of tumor specific components in the formula. The way by which this therapy exerts its effect is unclear but the research team at IMV, along with the researchers at Dr.

Lithium ion battery systems for decentralized solar photovoltaic storage in Sub-Saharan Africa

Jaza Energy Hubs supply energy separate from the unreliable local grid for rural communities in Africa. They do this via solar energy, which is abundant in this area, and store the energy in specially made lithium ion batteries. These batteries are removable so that locals can take to their dwelling. Because of old data being used and the sun having a varying amount of energy output through the day there has been cases of mismatched demand and generation. This means that people are not able to receive power when they need it.

Intensifying Mass Transfer and Flotation Rates in Multiphase Contactors/Reactors

The proposed project mainly focuses on developing an innovative gas/liquid contacting technology that is of critical importance to a wide range of process industries and environmental-management operations. Successful development and implementation of this project are expected to:
• Reduce the environmental impact of a variety of operations that are needed to meet human needs and welfare (e.g.

Automated Guidelines and Standards Compliance Checking in Oil and Gas Industry

One of the important concerns in the oil and gas industry, as in many other fields, is making sure that work processes comply with the industry-specific regulations, guidelines and standards. These standards cover a plethora of requirements, from managing equipment and people, to conducting work processes that minimally impact the environment and ecosystems. For Canada, these guidelines are different among provinces.