Evaluating the potential of supplemental irrigation to increase agricultural and water productivity in India with climate change

Agriculture demands more water than any other process in the world and is related to 90% of water use in India. India irrigates nearly half of all its cultivated land, while groundwater resources are being depleted at a rate that is threatening the endurance of India’s agricultural economy.

Dynamic forces on non-symmetrical elastic elements

The St. Lawrence River harbours a complex ecosystem whose physical properties vary from upstream to downstream. It includes lakes and freshwater reaches, a long estuary, and a gulf with marine features. The area is home to richly diverse habitats and an equally rich diversity of flora and fauna. It is a natural resource to be sustained and preserved. The attempt of SSL construction is to perform an in-water installation of precast elements. This is to avoid minimal intervention to Saint Lawrence ecosystem and life and economical cycle.

Development of an ATR-FTIR based method for detection of milk adulteration

Milk adulteration is a very common practice in the field of dairy production in certain countries, where different methods are used to adulterate milk. Such methods vary in their sophistication from simply adding water to using different chemicals such as urea and melamine, which usually countervail the effects of adding water on indices used to measure certain characteristics (e.g., lowering freezing point, or mimicking protein content) of milk like freezing point value and protein content to detect the addition of water.

Redevelopment of PHOPHLO as a tablet based screening tool forthe school environment

The Intern will develop a tablet based version of a test that identifies French-speaking children at school entry who are at risk for problems learning to read and write. The project will provide an opportunity for a doctoral candidate with a dual academic background in computer science and linguistics to gain skills and experience in applied settings. The project is consistent with CRIM’s mandate to support the development of innovative IT solutions and the training of highly qualified personnel.

Scalability of a low-polluting semi-gasifiercookstove and fuel intervention in theTibetan Plateau

Almost half of the world’s population cooks with highly polluting stoves and household air pollution (HAP) is one of the leading environmental risks for global health. Current efforts to reduce HAP have focused on improved cook stove and/or fuel interventions. However, most previous stove interventions failed to achieve reductions in air pollution exposures due to a combination of technological, affordability, and behavioural problems.

Exploring subliminal processing using instrumental hypnosis

Cognitive scientists typically divide cognition between controlled and automatic processes. This framework construes controlled processes as being voluntary and effortful and automatic processes as involuntarily and effortless. Automatic processes are therefore considered outside the scope of voluntary control. Undermining this notion, studies show that hypnosis – an enhanced form of mental absorption and self-regulation – can actually suppress automatic response. Hypnosis therefore provides a mean to alter mental processes that appear immune to cognitive control.

Nepali Case Assignment

In most commonly studied languages, the subjects of all sentences are marked the same way. In some less commonly studied languages including Nepali, however, subjects of transitive verbs are treated as subjects, while subjects of intransitive verbs are marked the same way as objects of transitive verbs. These are called “ergative” languages. If we imagine that English were an ergative language, the following pair of sentences would be grammatical:
“She saw him.”
“Him slept.” (rather than “He slept”).

Examining ecosystem service changes in the Miyun watershed, China through stakeholder-driven visions of the future

The focus of this project is to explore how livelihoods are affected when changes in ecosystem services within the Miyun watershed occur. Rural households depend on ecosystem services that the landscape provides for their livelihoods. If the availability of these resources were to change, a person’s livelihood may become more vulnerable. Determining possible ecosystem service changes will be performed by scenario building stakeholder workshops. The stakeholders involved in the Miyun watershed include environmental management officials, urban residents and rural residents.

Assessing alternative rooting matrices for growth of plants in hydroponic systems

Urban agriculture using hydroponic systems is gaining increasing popularity. However, popular organic (ground coconut husks, clay pellets) and inorganic (rockwool) rooting matrices used in supporting the plant root structure during the growth cycle are facing considerable challenges. Rockwool is non-biodegradable, produces dust in enclosed spaces and has a high pH thereby requiring pre-treatment before use. On the other hand, organic rooting matrices either retain too much water (drowning the plants) or drain too quickly (drying out the roots).

Controller Development and Validation for Extreme Maneuvering of Agile Fixed-Wing UAVs

Historically, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) – also referred to as remotely piloted aircraft or drones – have most commonly been associated with military applications. In recent years, however, there has been a shift in interest towards civilian applications and a corresponding increase in research and development in this area. UAVs typically fall into two categories: fixedwing and rotorcraft. Fixed-wing aircraft – such as airplanes – generate lift by moving forward and creating airflow over their wings. Rotorcraft – such as helicopters – achieve their lift from rotating blades.