Facilitation of early mobilization after colorectal surgery: a randomized controlled trial

There is growing evidence that outcomes after colorectal surgery are improved with the use of perioperative interventions combined into an enhanced recovery program (ERP). Encouraging patients to achieve specific daily nutrition and mobilization goals postoperatively is an important aspect of ERPs; however, it is not known whether the achievement of these goals needs to be facilitated by a member of the healthcare team. This study aims to evaluate the extent to which postoperative recovery is influenced by facilitation of nutrition and mobility.

Effects of Mobile Technologies on Emergency Response

Workplace incidents usually need to be reported and it is important to ensure that they are resolved in a timely manner. To understand the procedures involved in an emergency response to a workplace incident, we have started investigating the existing practices of the McGill University Safety office by interviewing their personnel. We focused our investigation on chemical spills that occur in the workplace, and found potential areas of improvement in their practices. These potential areas of improvement can be addressed by mobile sensing.

An Adaptive Phase I Intra-Patient Dose Escalation Study Of Fenretinide In Adult Cystic Fibrosis Patients

The proposed research project is a Phase 1 clinical trial looking at the safety of fenretinide, a molecule based on the structure of vitamin A, on patients with a disease called cystic fibrosis. Fenretinide has been shown in our laboratory to help cystic fibrosis mice by lowering molecules involved in inflammation and increasing the levels of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), which is a fatty acid known to decrease inflammation. The intern will be involved in patient sample processing, analyzing and logging.

Automated optimization of robotic tasks and transitions using graph-based approaches

In recent years, machining with robots has become a trend in the manufacturing industry. The concept offers an economical solution for medium to low accuracy machining applications. However, due to the complexity of the robot kinematics, planning for these paths is challenging. Jabez Technologies has developed a semi-graphical approach that can program large robot-paths. This approach has been very well received by the industry and has proven to be extremely robust in practice. However, this approach is semi-automatic and cannot work without user input.

Enhancement of quality, shelf life and microbiological safety of spices

This project is based on establishing process validation procedures for the current thermal (steam) and chemical (ethylene oxide treatment) sterilization processes used for the handling of spices, herbs and dried vegetables at the Cell Foods facility located in Dorval, Quebec. Validation of their current processes will ensure the required pathogen destruction for the spice foods processed at the plant. Salmonella is most commonly known pathogen related to the microbial outbreaks blamed to have involved spices. Handling of Salmonella requires level-II lab facility.

Bioremediation potential of a bacterial inoculant, Inocul-M consortium, on switchgrass (Panicum virgatum L.) plants grown in soils amended with biochar and spiked with polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.

Remediation and reclamation of contaminated lands could be achieved by incorporating biofuel agro-ecosystems that utilizes large biomass plant species with low-nitrogen requirements and have high bioremediation potential, such as switchgrass (Panicum virgatum L.), in conjunction with biochar, a carbon–rich soil amendment, and inoculated with beneficial plant and soil microbes.

Development of Fast Longitudinal Cortical surface extraction, deformation, and Normalization (FALCON) for the measurement of cortical thickness over time from brain magnetic resonance images Year Two

The project involves development, validation, and application of new medical image analysis algorithm where cortical thickness is measured from serial brain magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) with improved efficiency and greater sensitivity. Cortical thickness is a relatively new metric that correlates with clinical and cognitive worsening in a variety of neurologic disorders such as multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer's disease.

Digital Tools and Techniques to Enable Mass Customization of Prefabricated Housing

Mass customization is a multifaceted process that involves managing various aspects, such as managerial, and technical. Housing, unlike other products, requires a considered response to social and cultural issues when gathering clients’ preferences. There have been valuable contributions to the process of mass customization of housing in diverse domains.

Development of lead-free solder alloys for electronic assembly

The objective of this project is to develop lead free solder alloys with superior mechanical and physical properties. For various reasons (some mentioned above), Sn-based multicomponent alloys with alloying elements, Ag, Cu and/or Bi are likely to be the most promising [2] [8]. For further improvement of Sn-based solder joints, in this work the effects of alloying and/or micro-alloying elements (e.g., Bi, Ag, Cu, Zn, Al, Sb, Ge, Se…) on microstructure, mechanical properties, interfacial reactions, wettability, reliability and melting behavior of Sn-based solders are investigated.

Translating knowledge about optimization of surgical recovery into achieved outcomes forpatients: A dismantling trial in colorectal surgery

This study will be a three-arm, dismantling randomized trial aimed to assess the extent to which recovery after colorectal surgery is influenced by postoperative facilitation of nutrition and mobilization. Adult patients (> 18 years) with colonic or rectal diseases planned for colorectal resection at the Montreal General Hospital will be considered for inclusion. Criteria for exclusion will be: metastatic disease, medical conditions that preclude adequate postoperative feeding and/or mobilization (e.g.