Immunomodulatory fusion proteins to treat solid malignancies.

Immunotherapies are transforming conventional cancer treatments with significant improvement of patient survival rates. FDA-approved immunotherapies (immune checkpoint inhibitors, ICIs) have shown remarkable success in the treatment of hematologic malignancies but very low response rate in patients with solid tumors. Therefore, there is an urgent need for novel therapies against solid malignancies. Cura Therapeutics is developing innovative immunotherapies to cure solid malignancies and infectious diseases.

Design, Development of an Automated Hipot and Continuity tester for Novel Catheter

A novel medical device is designed and built by the partner organization. The medical device must go under certain safety tests during the manufacturing process, which are currently performed manually. However, manual tests are too time consuming due to the special structure of the device. On the other hand, the device is now being approved to be used in in Europe and will start a controlled Clinical study in the USA under a PMA filling. Because of this, the partner organization wants the intern to undertake a research project whose objective is to decrees the testing time of the device.

Exploring the role of an innovative lean visual management technology in enhancing the efficiency of construction sites in Quebec

There is a need for a standardisation of lean visual management practices on construction sites to improve transparency of the work process, incorporating information into various workplace activities, ensuring predictability in micro-decision making and maximising collective intelligence. In this study our main aim is to identify existing VM conditions and the role of an innovative VM Rapid Check™ technology in adapting visual workplace framework on Quebec construction sites.

Optimization and automation of the imaging and analysis of Ananda Device’s high-throughput NeuroHTSTM microplate

Ananda Devices has developed an innovative technology to produce high-throughput organ-on-chip technology for commercialization in the pharma industry and cosmetic industry. For cost effective and fast commercializing the device, semi automation/automation is required for the high throughput data analysis. Further validation of the automation algorithm is required for data accuracy.

Development of sustainable technology based on natural clay mineral

Most Canadians live in the urban regions, and most Canadian cities receive snow every year. For instance, Montreal receives about 2.3 meter of snow every year. This snow accommodates various human-made pollutants in cities and accumulates over long Canadian winter. This application to support an intern which will be involved in a collaborative project with PO-labs within PRIMA Quebec aiming to build upon the new innovation at McGill using clay minerals. We intend to use these traps to remove pollutants in snow.

Piece of Mind: arts-based knowledge translation of Parkinson's disease research and lived experience

academic sphere, and limit interactions with the stakeholder community. This project promotes meaningful collaboration for the co-construction of knowledge around Parkinson's disease (PD), using the performing arts as an interactive tool for knowledge translation. Piece of Mind brings together researchers, performing artists, and persons affected by PD to create a performance piece based on scientific research and lived experience.

Model Development for Ground-Engaging Tools using Real-Time Numerical Terramechanics and Discrete-Element Method

This Ph.D. study will focus on simulating and validating soil flow behavior models using numerical terramechanics for three distinct applications of soil flow behaviors from operations of construction equipment: hauling loose material (wheel loader), excavation of soil (backhoe loader/excavator) and pushing large quantities of soil (bulldozer). Numerical terramechanics models will be compared with DEM models in terms of prediction of forces on ground-engaging tools and to quantify soil flow behavior.

Enhancing visualization of manufacturing complexity highlights on CAD file

Currently, the service provided by GRAD4 has an interface for visualization of CAD models. However, there is still room for improvement in speed and comprehensibility for the users: both manufacturers and buyers. The main challenge of implementing the improvements is in relatively high computational cost of such visualizations: while a regular PC handles such task efficiently, web-based tools tend to have difficulties when modelling 3D object with similar performance.

At the intersection of a global pandemic and social justice movement: Effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement on the development of passion for a cause, mental health and well-being of Black young adults in Canada.

The historic events of the spring of 2020 - the collision of the worst public health crisis in a century and the largest Black civil rights movement in half a century - offer a unique opportunity to examine how the frustrations and hopes of Black young adults were affected. We sought to understand the potentially competing impacts that the public health and social justice crises have had on the young adults in their communities.

The Next Generation Agriculture: Role of Functional Microbiome in Cannabis Breeding strategies against biotic stress

Plants including Cannabis host distinct beneficial microbial communities on and inside their tissues designated the plant microbiota from the moment that they are planted into the soil as seed. Understanding the microbial partnerships with Cannabis has the potential to affect agricultural practices by improving plant fitness and production yield of Cannabinoids. Much less is known about these beneficial Cannabis-microbe interactions, particularly,the role that Cannabis may play in supporting or enhancing them.