Variations of Redox conditions across the Cambrian-Ordovician GSSP (Green Point Formation) in western Newfoundland (Canada): implications from the Trace element, Mo-, U-, C-, S- and N-isotope signatures

The specific investigation of the redox conditions of the Green Point Formation sediments will allow modelling the paleoceanographic conditions on a global basis particularly because the investigated formation is the Cambrian?Ordovician GSSP, which adds to the value of the contributions of the study to understanding the global distribution of source rocks around that time interval.

Elk habitat selection in Manitoba's agricultural landscapes: understanding its effect on stress and reproductive success

In Manitoba, elk herds are either small or declining, and the relationship between farmland use by elk and population declines is unclear. Animals typically choose to either avoid predators or access good food resources when choosing habitat, and this trade-off may bring about natural selection if some individuals make better decisions than others. Our project seeks to understand how individual elk use the landscape in response to farmland.

Study of Corner Brook Pulp and Paper Limited (CBPPL) byproducts and potential uses for food production

Overall this study aims to determine feasibility, parameters, and processes related to improved utilization of selected byproducts resulting from Corner Brook Pulp and Paper Limited (CBPPL) operations. The proposed activities and ideas relate to monitoring and understanding the nature of the composition of the mill's production of wood ash over time, determining the suitability, feasibility of improving mill competitiveness through alternate/improved processing of ash, sludge and waste heat.

Analysis of a Model for Shipping Grains from Summerside (PEI) to Corner Brook (NL)

Corner Brook Port Corporation (CBPC) and the Summerside Port Corporation, Inc. (SPCI) are exploring the opportunity to ship grains from Prince Edward Island to Western Newfoundland. First discussions between the two ports indicate that there this may be a viable business opportunity for both entities. The Port of Summerside is currently shipping grains from producers on the island outbound in bulk. Meanwhile, there are a number farms, particularly dairy farms, in Western Newfoundland located close to the Port of Corner Brook.

Effective Remediation in Porous Systems with Fractures and Heterogeneities: Experimental and Modelling Study

Dispersion of various solutes in porous media has been investigated experimentally and theoretically for different scientific purposes. The study of this phenomenon can provide fundamental knowledge of solvent (or gas) flooding in enhanced oil recovery, groundwater contamination, and catalyst-based chemical processes.

Development and trial of evaluative frameworks for inclusive employment programs

The Canadian Panel on Labour Market Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities (2012) found that 795,000 persons with disabilities in Canada are unemployed, even though their disabilities do not prevent them from working, and almost half have some form of post-secondary education. The exclusion of this section of the Canadian workforce is not only a key health and social issue, but also an economic and labour market one. Governments and private sector organizations have tried to address this disconnect in labour market engagement through a range of policies and supported employment programs.

The Cost-Benefit Analysis of Capacity Building Initiative for Rural Community Health Research in Northern Newfoundland and Coastal Labrador (Rural 360 Project)

Faculty Development Programs (FDPs) are widely well-established through the academic medical centers (AMCs); however, little attention has been paid to rural and remote physicians (RRPs), despite their critical role in addressing the priority health concerns of the communities. In response to this, 6for6 and Rural 360 projects have been introduced by the Memorial University of Newfoundland.
One of the key questions for researchers is how to evaluate the economic impact/value of these projects.

Research for Innovative Mining Methods

Narrow-vein steeply dipping deposits are challenging to mine economically because they are poorly oriented for surface mining, and underground mining normally requires development of extensive underground infrastructure before mining the vein. Memorial University is currently collaborating with Anaconda Mining for the development of innovative narrow-vein mining (NVM) technology to mine several of these deposits currently held by the company e.g. the Romeo & Juliet Deposit.

The effect of a topical analgesic on neuromuscular endurance and pain

It has been shown that topically applied gels, which contain menthol, result in a cooling sensation and reduce the sensation of pain. Because neuromuscular endurance activity leads to sweating and muscle pain we seek to discover the effect of BioFreeze on various forms of neuromuscular endurance activity and muscle soreness. This discovery will require 3 main research objectives, all of which will be conducted as research studies with the goal to be published in peer-reviewed journals.

The Viability of Telehealth in the Healthcare Ecosystem

In this project, the intern will conduct research while implementing and assessing a pilot program. The intern will be assessing the validity and effectiveness of telehealth services from both the provider and the user perspectives. This research will be pivotal to the partner organization in that it will help form the growth and development strategy for the Cyno virtual health platform on a go forward bases. We will find out critical information regarding the specific healthcare services and their viability in the telehealth world.