Mathematical Modelling of Coke Formation in Thermal Cracking Units

Thermal cracking of ethane (from natural gas) is used to make ethylene, a chemical used for producing plastics. Thermal cracking occurs in metal tubes that pass through a furnace, where heat generated in the combustion chamber outside of the tubes makes the cracking reactions inside the tubes occur at high rates. Coke is an undesirable side product that deposits on the inner surface of the tubes during ethane cracking, influencing rates of chemical reactions and the distribution of chemical products that emerge from the reactor.

Synthesis of functionalized pyrimidines through use of the Blaise reaction

Pyrimidines are a key and increasingly popular part of many biologically and pharmaceutically important components. This project will endeavor to develop a new and efficacious synthesis of versions of these molecules which would otherwise be difficult to produce. A key part of the revenue stream for Snieckus Innovations is the sale of molecules such as these for use as building blocks in the chemical industry – most usually in the pharmaceutical and agrochemical sciences.

Fiber-optic monitoring of pipes and pipelines

We will develop a fiber-optical sensor system that can be applied to monitor pipelines. By recording the response of a fiber-optic transducer to ultrasound that is generated on the wall of a pipeline we can measure the flow velocity of the fluid inside the pipeline. Similar measurements are presently conducted by pipeline operators using piezo-electric transducers, but their sensitivity is not high enough to locate small leaks or pipeline deposits through a change in flow rate. In addition the ultrasound measurements will let us accurately determine the identity of the pipeline content.

Re-engineering business process of an insurance broker group

This project aims to identify and fix the gaps in existing business processes of commercial insurance brokers group. In order to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the processes, I plan to redesign the processes to eliminate bottlenecks and improve the service quality by developing workflow management system for the organization. Workflow management system deals with supporting business processes in the organization.

Security in Ultra Large Software Systems

Ultra large software systems play an increasing important role in our lives. They are systems such as the world wide banking system, mobile communications systems, social networks, online retailers and online gaming systems. Ultra large software systems are critical and failures in the systems can critically impact the economic health of companies, markets and even countries.

The Development of Physical Ability Standardsas a Bona Fide Occupational Requirement(BFOR) for the Ottawa Paramedic Service

Paramedics provide essential emergency care services for Canadians. However, in providing this service, paramedics are exposed to many highly demanding task and situations. Further, these high demands are often referred to when paramedics suffer pain, discomfort and even injury. While efforts are underway to lessen these demands where possible, due to the nature of paramedic work it is not feasible to eliminate all high demand, potentially hazardous tasks.

Blood and nasal biomarkers of Cat-SPIRE Efficacy

The Cat-SPIRE vaccine reduces symptoms in those who suffer from cat allergy. Two interns will work on complementary projects that will evaluate blood and nasal biomarkers of Cat-SPIRE efficacy. One trainee will examine changes to the DNA in special immune cells called dendritic cells, isolated from blood. The other trainee will examine markers of inflammation in the nose.

Design and Optimization of Crankshaft Vibration Dampers

This research project attempts to tackle the major issues experienced with crankshaft vibration in modern internal combustion engines through the use of tuned finite element model and optimized rubber dampers. The purpose of this project is to lay out a systematic approach for the design of torsional vibration dampers when given a set of engine parameters. Current industry development relies heavily on the trial and error method as well as past engineering experience.

Personalization of Web Tasking

A web task is defined as the set of services, sessions, and sequence of interactions that are required to perform a certain user objective. The current Web tasking model does not consider user preferences and context when executing a Web task. The proposed research project aims to improve the experience of Web users through personalization of Web tasks. Personalization integrates the user's personal context with the task execution plan to serve the user's interest at best.

Prolonged Heart Storage Using Sub-Zero Temperatures & Antifreeze Proteins

Heart transplantation depends on being able to move a donor heart from the location of harvest to the hospital where it will be implanted, and having the heart work once it is implanted. The time between excision and implantation is called the ischemic time. The safe ischemic time is about 4 to 6 hrs; hearts implanted after this interval have much less chance of survival. This safe ischemic time has not changed in > 30 years.