Biomechanical Assessment of the Emergency Medical Bag for Association of Municipal Emergency Services of Ontario

The purpose of the project is to perform a biomechanical evaluation of the bags, and lifting techniques that are preformed by paramedics on a daily basis. The intern will spend 1.5 months in Eastern Ontario, with approximately 2 weeks in the area surrounding Kingston interacting with and observing lifting techniques and conditions under which paramedics lift bags while on the job. These observations will direct a moked-up-in-lab investigation into the peak compressive, shear and cumulative forces played on the body while lifting medical bags.

Miniaturized Power Supplies: Research on Micro-fluidic Rechargeable Batteries

With the fast growth in the Micro-Electromechanical System (MEMS) market, there is also growing need for miniaturized power sources. MEMS devices are beginning to make significant contributions in new subjects, including Lab-on-Chips (LOC) and other micro-fluidic devices, wireless communications, sensors, and optics. In all these technologies, electric power is a vital issue for the further development of the MEMS field.

A novel recessed differential electrode for recording electromyographic activity from the pelvic floor muscles

A novel electrode was developed to measure pelvic  floor muscle activity in women. The novel design addresses several limitations of current technology, which uses large electrodes mounted on vaginal probes. These probes use inappropriate electrode configurations, have large electrodes susceptible to noise from nearby muscles (i.e. crosstalk), and noise from motion of the electrode relative to the vaginal wall (i.e. motion artifact). The proposed recording device is a substantial improvement, designed to reduce both crosstalk and motion artifact.

Development of web-coating process for fabricating nanostructured ultracapacitor/solar coatings on existing manufacturing lines

In this project, the research fellow will design and develop scale-up coating processes for the manufacturing of cost-effective nano-engineered functional coatings on industrial web-coating systems. Thin film coatings are often applied to manufactured components to enhance their functional characteristics, for example improving scratch resistance of architectural and automotive metals. Recent advances in nanotechnology have shown that nanostructured thin films can provide dramatically enhanced high-value functionality not possible with traditional materials or unstructured coatings.

Basin Analysis and Uranium Exploration in the Paleoproterozoic Roraima Basin, Guyana

The proposed research focuses on innovative exploration methods for high-grade uranium deposits in Guyana, where there are positive indications for uranium mineralization, but relatively little is known about the grade or extent of the mineralization. Specifically, the proposed research will integrate several geological disciplines that allow the evaluation of critical factors required to produce high-grade uranium mineralization.

Pediction of the Occurrence of Solar Eruptions

The Earth's environment is affected by space weather conditions. The most profound effects on the Earth are driven by solar eruptions, such as solar flares and solar storms. Such phenomena produce magnetic disturbances in the upper layers of the Earth's atmosphere, which can be powerful enough to adversely affect electronic equipment. For example, the instrumentation on orbiting satellites can be irreversibly damaged.

Decision Support for Database Administrators using Warehouse-as-a-Service (DSDAware)

In the new technological era, an immense volume of data is generated every moment from a variety of sources that need to be filtered and stored securely. Database administrators (DBA) are facing increasing pressure to ensure higher performance and reliability for database management systems (DBMS). A new generation of management tools and service-based interfaces are needed to assist the DBAs with expert information and knowledge gathered from analysis of the monitoring data stored in large data warehouses and from experience reports of the DBAs of the legacy mainframe DBMSs.

Improved Circuit for Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs

Many governments have mandated that conventional incandescent light bulbs be phased out and replaced with fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) to conserve energy and reduce cost.  However, in dimming applications, incandescent are still preferable to CFLs due to superior performance and compatibility with standard dimmer switches.  The circuit developed by the proposed research will allow consumers to experience the same dimming performance with CFLs as with incandescent, with no change to existing lighting wiring and dimming hardware.  The proposed circuit is highly efficient, cost effective and

Alternative Hydrogen Sources For Portable Fuel Cells

In the current climate of environmental awareness the need for alternative energy sources is undeniable.  In this respect hydrogen gas is a frontrunner as a clean burning fuel, with water being the only by-product.  Coupled with a PEM (polymer electrolyte membrane) fuel cell, hydrogen is a promising alternative to gasoline for automotive applications.  While significant progress has been made, this technology is still in its infancy.  A significant drawback in this technology lies in the storage and transportation of hydrogen within a vehicle.  To this end, our project focuses on the delive