Community Engagement and Ownership of Projects Emerging from Social Innovation Labs

The purpose of the proposed research is to identify the factors and indicators that enable, or block community actors from taking ownership of a solution previously led by a social leader or government actor. The project will allow our partner and the communities they work with to gain a better understanding of factors that enable the transition of projects to ownership within the community, as well as further the available research and knowledge for other government or social led business ventures transitioning ownership to the community.

Application testing of onboard respooling and rope handling for use in ropeless fishing

The proposed research will examine potential alternatives for respooling buoy line from trap fishing applications into caged underwater rope enclosures. Previous research conducted for Ashored Innovations found that cage rope enclosures demonstrated the most favorable results for ropeless fishing given the environmental conditions in Atlantic Canadian trap fisheries. However, one major concern highlighted from fishers is the time required to reload the system with buoy line in order to redeploy.

Treated Drill Mud Residue Commercialization Research

As part of Envirosoil’s re-usable energy division in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland, drilling fluid waste product will be re-purposed as a potentially viable fuel supplement and additive in other industrial processes. The proposed research would look into viable options for reusing this material in a way that is commercially beneficial to the current operations, while also diverting the waste from landfills. The general objective of the proposed research is to better characterize the nature of the waste and how it can be safely pushed into the commercial market.

Intelligent Agent Based Computing for Auditing Financial Market Transactions

Citco provides financial products and services to hedge funds, private equity and real estate firms, investors, institutional banks, Global 1000 companies, and high net worth individuals in the Netherlands and internationally. The proposed research is focused on optimizing operations by automating trade resolution and reducing risk using machine learning. Outlier detection algorithms will be proposed to improve the accuracy of existing mismatch detection procedures. Unsupervised and supervised machine learning will be used to further improve this capability.

Technology Advancement in existing AED

In Canada, approximately 40,000 out of hospital cardiac arrests (OHCAs) occur annually. Survival rates are under 15%, and the only treatment is immediate use of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED), coupled with CPR. This project will focus on finding solutions to identified problems associated with locating and using an AED. Some of these solutions will focus on in-emergency technology that can increase the accessibility of publicly available AEDs, along with the ability for bystanders to locate and use these life-saving devices.

An investigation into the motivations of individuals who volunteer and work at charitable and not-for-profit organizations

The goals of this research proposal, therefore, are to: 1) conduct a publishable review of the psychological literature to further understand the motivations of the unique group of individuals who choose to volunteer or work with charitable or not-for-profit organizations; and 2) develop an employee survey that will provide further insight into the motivations of this group of individuals. Taken together, these two products will provide a solid foundation for other human resources documents and practices at charitable and not-for-profit organizations.

Assessment of the "Pathway to Resilience" program

The purpose of this research is to develop an assessment for the "Pathway to Resilience" program. The "Pathway to Resilience" program is a resilience training program for employees developed by Air Institute. The assessment created during this internship will be used to assess the program's effectiveness. This assessment will be used to guide organizational reports delivered to client organizations following the program.

Development of machine learning and artificial intelligence toolbox to monitor data center risks and performance

Missing Link Technologies Ltd. provides customized and effective solutions to its partners for their IT infrastructure & operations. They are especially involved with solving the IT facilities management challenges of Telcos and Datacenters. The proposed research in collaboration with Missing Link Technologies Ltd. is aimed at leveraging the advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence in risk management, performance assessment and availability prediction of a data center. A suite of tools and techniques will be proposed towards this end.

Edge Response of Understorey Plants, Lichenivorous Gastropods and Their Grazing Impact on At-Risk Lichens in Mixedwood Swamps

Clearcut logging and acid deposition affect plants, lichens and slugs (lichen consumers) and may facilitate the introduction and spread of alien invasive slugs, which can increase grazing pressures on at-risk lichens. The main research goal of this project is to improve our understanding of how clearcutting practices affect herbs and slugs and facilitate both the introduction of alien slugs and increased grazing on endangered lichens.

A case study on the business impact of personalized shopping experience on retail stores

This research will determine what factors are the most significant when it comes to the personalized shopping experience from the perspective of both customers and retailers, and shed light on opportunities and options for North American retailers to innovate within the retail space. We will conduct surveys with both retailers and customers to determine the level of value that each cohort places on the various factors and data points that can improve the personalized shopping experience.