Multivariate Analysis for Manufacturing Excursion Detection with Complex Equipment Containing Sub-Systems

Triant Technologies provides the ModelWare Fault Detection software product to monitor sensor data collected from advanced manufacturing tools such as those used for semiconductor and flat panel display manufacturing. ModelWare Fault Detection software performs a range of analyses, including online, multivariate data analysis using a proprietary algorithm and implementation. The goal for this project is to improve the performance of the multivariate analysis methods when used with complex manufacturing equipment.

Modelling Home and Community Care

The overall project goal is to develop a model of the Home and Community Care System that can aid in predicting future loads on the system and explore how policy changes might impact it.

Features-driven Multi-modality Registration and Fusion of Functional and Structural Medical Images

The internship project with Pacific Nuclear Medicine will develop a software tool that brings two images obtained from different imaging modalities into spatial alignment (aka multi-modal registration). This is a necessary task for the creation of correct image fusions, which are essential for diagnosis and correction of nuclear medicine images. Additionally, the project will develop a feature-registration framework in which pattern-recognition techniques and feature-extraction methods to increase the accuracy and robustness of the registration algorithm will be employed.

Requirements for a Collective Intelligence Information Service for Design Teams

Design teams perform goal-oriented decision making, while communities of interest excel at collective discovery. Small groups tend to both receive and present information that is already shared, and do not like to change initial preferences once formed, while good decisions require all the relevant information. There are strategies to mitigate this bias. Technology can harness the strengths of communities of interest to support these strategies.

Game Object Parallelization

In order to produce ever more powerful computer chips designers have begun to produce CPUs with duplicated infrastructure and machines with multiple CPUs. This allows these devices to perform actual simultaneous calculation. The most recent generation of video game consoles are built with this manner of technology, thus adding a new dimension of complexity to the design of the underlying system. Taking a traditional computational task and dividing it for parallel execution is not trivial.

Tree Usage Optimization

Western Forest Products is an integrated Canadian forest products company and currently the second largest coastal woodland operator in British Columbia. Traditionally, a tree is cut based on a logger’s observation of the tree including any defects, its species as well as its taper. Currently, these factors do not explicitly consider the products which are in demand. Thus, the goal of this internship is to develop a method to assist the logger to produce the optimal ratio of products demanded by the market.

Novel Approaches for Heart Failure Screening Based on Ballistocardiograph Signals

Identifying early onset of cardiac diseases is not easy and can be very expensive. For this reason, the first symptom of cardiac problems is often catastrophic for patients. The ultimate goal of this project is to produce a low-cost screening device that effectively identifies the presence of the disease early, allowing patients to take corrective action in terms of lifestyle, diet and stress management in order to eliminate the need for surgical intervention and/or drug therapy.

Natural Language Processing of Resumes

Matching potential employees to employment opportunities is a challenging task, which has significant commercial value. Employment agencies, departments in companies concerned with human resources and small company owners frequently have to read, or process, numerous resumes before identifying a short list of candidates. Working with Talent Technology, a developer of recruitment and hiring software and component technology, the intern will develop solutions in several areas of automated resume processing.

Kweh-Kwuch-Hum Archaeological Survey

The intern will assist the Chehalis First Nation by leading the archaeological component of the Kweh-Kwuch-Hum Spiritual Areas and Forest Management Policy Pilot Project. This larger project began in January 2007 when the Chehalis Indian Band entered into discussions with the BC Ministry of Forests and Range regarding the designation of Kweh-Kwuch-Hum (Mt. Woodside) as a “Spiritually Sensitive Area”. A primary goal of this project is to develop a process which supports the establishment of areas that can be demonstrated to be important traditionally, culturally and spiritually.

Detrital Mineral Geochronology of the Wernecke Supergroup in the Yukon: Enhancing the Framework for Mineral Exploration

This project is designed to provide new information on the source of the sediment in the Wernecke Supergroup, a widespread geological formation in northern Yukon that was deposited approximately 1.8 billion years ago. This formation is important because it hosts numerous mineral occurrences that are attracting considerable mineral exploration activity. The source of the sediment will be identified by ion probe analysis on detrital (sedimentary) grains of the mineral zircon.