The paradigm of management: Investigating the link between Indigenous-led contemporary clam management systems and clam diversity in an industrialised ecosystem

The general objective of the proposed activity is to increase the future productivity of Burrard Inlet and the contribution of seafood to the diet of Tsleil-Waututh Nation (TWN) members in support of the TWN Cumulative Effects Monitoring Initiative. Specifically we propose to (1) quantify the ecological variables driving contemporary clam density, biomass and diversity; (2) experimentally test the effects of TWN clam tending practices on contemporary clam growth rates and survivorship; and (3) to inform decisions about resilient TWN clam management strategies in Burrard Inlet.

Monitoring Interactions of Southern Resident Killer Whales with Recreational Boats and Commercial Vessels in Boundary Pass

Boundary Pass is located off the south coast of Saturna Island and is an important foraging spot for the endangered Southern Resident Killer whales (SRKW). This region is also used by fishing, recreational and ecotourism boats and by large commercial vessels transiting through the shipping lanes to Vancouver Ports. Starting in June, the ECHO Program is initiating a commercial vessel Slowdown Trial that includes the Boundary Pass region off Saturna Island.

Do socio-demographic and parenting factors moderate the impact of the HIPPY program on children’s school readiness?

The purpose of this project is to assess the impact of a home-based education program for preschool-aged children called the Home Instruction Program for Preschool Youngsters (HIPPY). This program aims to increase school readiness of children deemed educationally “at-risk” by reason of family poverty, parent education levels, family isolation, settlement issues, and/or English language skills. 13% of HIPPY participants are refugees, 70% are newcomers to Canada, and 12% are Indigenous.

Development of Deep Learning-based Speech Recognition Algorithm for FPGA

Automatic speech recognition (ASR)-based services have become an indispensable part of our daily life, thanks to products such as Apple Siri, Google Home, and Amazon Alexa. More and more smart home appliances are also controlled by voice. However, most of these services rely on speech recognition and natural language understanding services running in the cloud, but this introduces delay that sometimes is not acceptable. There are also some applications where there is no WiFi or cellular network to connect to the cloud.

Interaction between cannabinoid drugs and sodium channels in diabetes/high glucose induced oxidative stress, neuroinflammation, and neurotoxicity - Year two

Diabetes mellitus, a common metabolic disorder, exhibits neuropathic complications that can eventually lead to disabling pain (Todorovic 2015). This is attributed to hyperglycemia/high glucose resulting in neuronal hyperexcitability (Todorovic 2015). Importantly, diabetes-evoked neuronal hyperexcitability and neurotoxicity can be caused by alterations in voltage-gated sodium channel (VGSC) expression (Hong, Morrow et al. 2004), resulting in changes in the sodium currents lowering the action potential threshold (Hong, Morrow et al. 2004, Chen, Wang et al. 2018).

Coda Continuous Delivery AI Platform

The Coda Continuous Delivery platform leverages advanced artificial intelligence techniques to accelerate innovation in software development and delivery. The project aims to improve the speed in which a software development team can achieve quality code and reduce the number of issues seen by customers in production.
Using a continuously learning platform, Coda catalogues historical issues and code updates and creates insights in near-real time that can be used by software professionals to serve customers better.

Evaluating Latency in Virtual Production Pipelines with Integrated Prediction Model for Motion Capture Data

Virtual Production (VP) is seeing a dramatic spike in interest and adaptation as the global film industry, particularly Hollywood, has been shutdown due to Covid-19. Virtual production is a broad term referring to a spectrum of computer-aided production and visualization filmmaking methods, and is also being used for broader applications from animation to industrial visualization.

Optimizing Machine Learning to Increase Relevance in Photo Selection for Private School-Based Social Media

Machine learning, specifically deep learning, for face recognition applications has advanced significantly over the past 20 years [ref: science direct survey on deep based facial recognition]. There are many deep learning concepts pertinent to face image analysis and facial recognition, and there is active research in outstanding problems ranging from effective algorithms to handle variations in pose, age, illumination, expression, and heterogeneous face matching. And research continues in data sampling, training and modeling to better understand and address issues related to bias.

Design Analytics and Design Reporting Tools

Design data is broadened beyond specifying built-environments to support evidence-based decision-making in the early phases of design. For using data, designers usually rely on specialized data visualizations. There is a need for interfaces specifically tailored for reporting designs with their form and performance data to and for seeking feedback from the other stakeholders who are not directly involved in design. Given their diversity and complexity of the design data, such interfaces are hard to develop.

Mapping Social Media Use in Kyrgyzstan: A Pilot Study

The research analyzes the structures of social networks, the varying uses of social media and information diffusion among social networking sites’ users in Kyrgyzstan as a pilot study and possibly expand in a subsequent project to Central Asia. We will study social media consequences on politics, the rise of populism, democracy, equality, participation, diversity, deliberation, privacy, surveillance, community building, informal social networks, public sphere and everyday life. The information heterogeneity of social media content in Kyrgyzstan will also be analyzed in this research.