Long-term response of boreal forest bird community to changes in habitat structure and configuration due to forestry and other land uses

There are both immediate and long-term effects of forestry on boreal birds. To minimize incidental take of birds and nests during harvest, foresters need accurate tools for predicting abundance of nesting birds in the peak breeding season, to time harvests year-round. Longer-term effects of harvest and other land uses on boreal birds are unknown, because most studies of forestry practices on boreal birds occur over short periods.

A Deep Learning Approach to Soft Sensor Design and Process Optimization for an Industrial Nickel Extraction Process

The objective of this project is to use artificial intelligence (AI) approaches to solve complex industrial problems. The two biggest advantages of AI-based approaches are the ability to continuously learn and also learn adequately from historical data. Traditionally, many process information are unmeasurable during live operations because of instrumentation limitations. Also, plants are not sufficiently optimized to maximize production quality, while minimizing waste.

Fire retardant fabrics for active workwear applications

Besides sport activities, active wear has found its way into people’s routine life because of its fashionable appearance and comfort. Active workwear is also preferred for some jobs with strenuous activities, like operators working in factories or construction fields. Each of these environments has its own list of hazards, such as fire, chemical spills, or falling objects. Accordingly, specific protective clothing has been designed for such hazardous environment. However, they are not necessarily comfortable.

Materials Selection & Design Strategies for Impact Resistance in Hand Protection

The needs for protective equipment are many, and range from use at home to many industrial sectors, such as: construction, mechanics, forestry, oil and gas, health, and manufacturing. There are many reasons to wear protective equipment: to provide improved grip and resistance to chemical exposure, pathogens, heat, cold, abrasion, punctures, cuts, crushing, and impact. In this research, we will focus on gaining detailed scientific and ergonomic understanding of how to design materials and structures to be used on the back of the hand to improve protection from mechanical impacts.

Engaging people experiencing poverty in poverty reduction initiatives

Across Canada, many provinces and municipalities are struggling to address poverty in their communities. Communities are attempting to address poverty with poverty reduction strategies. With a lack of literature to support these attempts, it is difficult for communities to best address poverty and to best engage people experiencing poverty in their poverty reduction initiatives. Results from this study will provide a model of engagement for communities looking to engage people experiencing poverty in solutions to address poverty.

Development of climate sensitive growth functions for western North America’s boreal tree species

The Mixedwood Growth Model (MGM) is used by forest managers in estimating growth and yield outcomes for common boreal tree species in North America. MGM has been shown to effectively model both managed and unmanaged stands in Alberta and surrounding regions. Currently, climate effects are not accounted for in growth functions used in MGM. Recent work for black spruce has shown that there is need to understand and model the effect of climate for other boreal tree species including white spruce, aspen, balsam poplar, lodgepole pine and jack pine.

Decision Support System to Manage and Forecast Final Project Costs

Managing construction projects can be a challenging task as they are subject to change and comprised of numerous work packages. Understanding project outputs in the early phases of a project can assist project managers to make informed decisions and take timely corrective actions to deliver projects on-time and on-budget. In the applicant's doctoral research project, a Markov model was developed to enhance the accuracy of project cost forecasting through the integration of historical performance data.

Intelligent Activity Tracking and Perception

Tracking humans in video can have a variety of applications including monitoring shoppers in stores, identifying suspicious activities in public spaces, and ensuring the security of senior home residents. Recent advances in video processing and hardware capability on computers have made it possible to track a single human in a video sequence in real time. However, tracking multiple people at the same time without mixing up the identities of different persons is still a major research challenge. Aidant Intelligent Systems Inc. has already implemented real time tracking algorithms internally.

Activating Empty Storefronts Through Social Innovation

Vacant storefronts reflect the disinvestment and loss of retail activity that has accompanied suburbanization, while also creating impediments to revitalization. It is therefore important to consider alternative approaches, such as activating empty storefronts through social innovation. Social innovation focuses on public interest and social cohesion, rather than commercial success. In this research, we seek to develop a process for activating empty storefronts in Edmonton, in particular with arts-based activities.

Usability of LaceUp, a foot stool that facilitates optimum body posture when putting on footwear: Perspectives of occupational therapists

The activity of putting on and tying one’s shoes is completed multiple times per day, and is taken for granted until an individual experiences mobility challenges due to pain, stiffness, weakness, or instability. A new foot stool, the LaceUp, is designed for users to sit or stand, and perform the activity of putting on and tying shoes while maintaining balance and proper posture. The objective of this study is to determine the usability and acceptance of LaceUp according to occupational therapists who work in the community with clients who need help with activities of daily living.