Diagnostic screening for conscious awareness in brain injury and disease: Visual component

Since the mid 1970s, medical personnel have used the Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS) as an important tool to rate and describe levels of consciousness. This scale is rudimentary and subjective, often resulting in misdiagnoses in cases where people lack the capacity to communicate. In some unfortunate situations, severe neurological damage can render people unable to move. Inevitably, these people are deemed vegetative when in actuality; many are simply ‘locked in’. Family members and professionals alike are left wondering…are they in there?

Calcium supplements, elemental bioavailability, and uptake by bone (Part 2)

There is an increasing number and variety of calcium supplements being made available to the Canadian public, often making claims regarding improved action over competitor products. The purpose of this project is to evaluate the effects of drugs and nutraceuticals upon bone health, particularly if they contain elements (such as calcium) which incorporate into newly mineralizing bone.

Creating a new atlas of welding defects- Updating/editing ASTM Passport to steel and ASME code interpretation databases

A visual atlas of welding defects (defects introduced in the material due to welding) will also be created to aid the weld quality inspectors, instructors, welders, or anyone taking a welding course identify the source(s) of defects, how to prevent defects from occurring, and how to repair weld defects. The ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) passport to steel database and the ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) code interpretation database will be updated to make all the new updated standards and interpretations available to users.

Social-emotional development in early childcare programs

The Teaching Pyramid Model (TPM) was designed as a promotion, prevention, and intervention framework to support the social, emotional, and behavioral development of young children. Successful implementation of the TPM in ELC programs requires staff capacity (e.g., professional development, refresher courses for staff, performance feedback, staff support and family engagement (e.g., providing families with training to teach their children SE skills at home, enhancing parent-staff relationships).

Asset management for a distributed fleet of vehicles

In an effort to improve the return on investment for assets, it is becoming increasingly important for companies to develop and implement techniques for more efficient asset management and condition monitoring. Improved reliability and productivity levels for technological assets such as fleet vehicles and material handling systems in factory and warehouse environments are a must to maintain competitive.

Canadian pharmaceutical company given start-up strength

However, the cost of research and development of natural health products is often impossibly steep as the products must be rigorously tested and proven before they can be placed on store shelves.

With this challenge ahead of them, the Alberta “phyto-pharmaceutical” biotech company, SinoVeda, turned to Mitacs-Accelerate to assist in the advanced testing of its latest natural calcium supplement which is currently undergoing clinical trials.

A camera stabilization gimbal system for a small unmanned aerial vehicle

Remote industrial installations and other areas requiring surveillance can be monitored effectively by an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). UAVs are remotely operated, with on-board camera systems. Fixed camera systems are of limited use, because the field of view is limited to the direction in which the aircraft is flying, which continually changes as the aircraft moves while flying. A gimbal system can reduce this effect by compensating for changes in aircraft orientation, which fixes the direction of the camera.

Development of a carbon calculator for underground utility construction

Destructive effects of Green House Oas (OHO) emissions on the environment such as climate change and global warming are some oftoday's major concerns. According to the "Environmental Protection Agency" (EPA) U.S 2010, construction is the third highest source ofOHO emission between other industrial sections. Underground utility construction projects are considered as one of the major areas of the construction projects. Also Underground infrastructure is aging across North America; hence rehabilitation or new installation of pipelines and facilities has become inevitable.

Aperture antennas as mobile satellite terminals

Antennas are essential part of communication links. This project is investigating antennas for communication between a mobile terminal on earth to a satellite. The mobile terminal could be a flying craft or a vehicle in motion. These antennas should be able to transmit and receive data simultaneously in different channels. Besides, they should be capable of scanning the space to find the target satellite. Single channel antennas or antennas with mechanical tracking have been tested for this purpose and are available in market.

Developing a strategy for ensuring confidence in drinking water quality for First Nations

A First Nations community in Alberta relies on groundwater aquifers for its water. In the past year, this Nation has faced worsening water quality that has resulted in the issue of more than 65 boil-water advisories to residences, affecting almost ten percent of the wells on the reserve. The source of the problem is unclear, and residents are concerned for their safety.