Microchannel Simulations with the Lattice Boltzmann Method

The nanofluidics and microfluidics simulations and experiments are becoming more and more popular nowadays. Such devices work on microscale to imitate macroscale operations but on a cheaper and faster basis. The good examples are lab-on-chips which perform DNA tests much faster and much cheaper than their large anologues. Thus, the reliable and robust simulations of micro devices are in high demand. One of such examples is multiphase simulations of fluid flow inside the capillaries.

Evaluation of fiber-reinforced polymer composite tubulars for high-temperature environment operation

Fiber-reinforced polymer composites (FRPC) have long been recognized for their high strength-to-mass and stiffness-to-mass ratios and excellent corrosion resistance. Certain emerging technologies in the oil and gas industry do not permit the use of metallic structures, and FRPC are therefore considered as an alternative. Conventional polymer materials are usually not capable of sustaining the environmental conditions that exist for the considered applications, which includes temperatures in excess of the boiling point of water, and exposure to hydrocarbons and water.

The role of novel red yeast rice formulations to modulate lipid metabolism and reduce dyslipidemia and vascular disease in the JCR:LA-cp rat.

The primary objective of this MITACS study is to utilize a novel animal model with high blood lipids to assess the potential lipid lowering efficacy of red yeast formulations developed by SinoVeda Canada Inc. The intestine is the first-pass organ for the metabolism of dietary lipids and has an important role in whole body cholesterol homeostasis.  While the intestine is known predominantly to absorb and secrete cholesterol and contributes to faecal sterol removal, it has also been proposed to contribute to the regulation of plasma cholesterol concentration.  Funding from my NSERC Discovery

Autonomous Passenger Counting System with Distributed IP Cameras – Phase 2

The City of Edmonton is currently in need of an automatic passenger counting (APC) system for its Light Rail Transit (LRT). An APC will help the City with various decisions making. In this proposal we focus on automatic video processing to count passengers boarding and alighting from LRT. The proposed system is simple – it will consist of overhead inexpensive IP cameras directly looking down at the car doors. Direct top view will be able to avoid occlusions.

Icing Mitigation for Wind Turbines

Wind turbines in cold coastal climate experience frequent icing events. Icing may result in a variety of problems which can affect the production rate and availability of the turbines. The main focus of the proposed research is on how to deal with the icing issues at Kent Hills wind farm located in New Brunswick. Total loss of production revenue due to icing events at this wind farm was estimated to be around $2 million.