Discovery holds new promise for children with inflammatory bowel disease

Although those figures sound alarming, researchers at the University of British Columbia (UBC) are one step closer to understanding — and treating —pediatric diseases such as colitis, Crohn’s disease, and others under the IBD umbrella.

Under the supervision of Dr. Laura Sly of UBC’s Department of Pediatrics, Eyler Ngoh, a PhD student, wanted to build on his previous research on the impact of an enzyme called SHIP. His initial work indicated that patients with low levels of SHIP experienced increased inflammation, a symptom common in IBD.

Kelowna company making noise with smartphone technology

While most smartphones are adept at capturing close-range speech, noisy environments like rock concerts pose a different challenge. Screaming crowds drown out the music, leading to poor playback quality on the phone.

LG turned to ESS to develop audio-amplifying microchips that can distinguish between the melody and “malarkey” in a concert venue.

Framework for dialogue and learning with parents and professionals in the Central Okanagan; an examination of learning (related to stigmatization) across relations of power.

This research will create opportunities for reflection and dialogue with a group of professionals in the Central Okanagan regarding parents’ perceptions and experiences of stigmatization. Dialogue will focus on enhancing professionals' understanding of underlying structural and social factors contributing to stigmatization and the implications of this understanding for their practice. The research draws from Participatory Action Research and Critical Pedagogy.

Mapping for Change: A Case Study of Enhancing Informational Exchange and Collaboration Through Geoweb Technology

‘Mapping for Change’ is a case study of best practices in the use of Geoweb as a mechanism for enhancing informational exchange and collaboration between homelessness stakeholders including non-profits/charities serving the homeless.

Social Lab on Poverty in South India

Globally, poverty is a continuing problem that is not easily resolved. 650 million people in India live below the poverty line. In the south of India in the rural region around the city of Mysore, half of women are illiterate, and lack equal opportunity of employment. Although research has been done on technological and financial solutions to poverty, a key gap in the research is understanding the social inhibiting patterns (personal and social habits) that limit creative solutions toward change.

Temperature effects on geomaterials performance

The effects of temperature on the mechanical properties of geomaterials (e.g. soils, rocks) are important for the safety and life cycle of any infrastructures. The research activities in the field suggest that there is a lack of understanding due to limited experimental data. The seasonal climate change causes the variations in temperatures which may pose construction challenges. Extensive and systematic experimental studies will be conducted by the intern to address the stated temperature related problems.

Development of digital microfluidic based photonic nano-biosensor (Lab-on—chip) for the detection of E. coli

Child morbidity and mortality rates are directly influenced by pathogens that are present in our every day lives. In India, densely populated areas have seen increases in affected children over recent years. In order to combat the increasing rate of antimicrobial resistant pathogens such as E. coli, an easy to use, practical and cost effective detection system will be developed on a microfluidic platform. Digital microfluidics are essentially small labs on a chip that analyse properties of fluids through various means. An existing optical biosensor for E.

A systems level optimization of the solar battery in a solar energy system

SunVault Energy Incorporated, a Kelowna, British Columbia based energy technology company, aims to become a significant player within the emerging Canadian solar industry. They have devised a technology, the solar battery, which integrates the energy storage and energy generation capabilities of a stand-alone solar energy system. They view this as potentially a means of lowering costs, increasing efficiencies, and reducing losses.

Design, Manufacture and Testing of a Thermoplastic Composite Guardrail: Modeling Phase

Today's modern industries aim at supplying premium quality products that can offer added performance value, lower weight, less environmental impact, decreased manufacturing and maintenance costs, increased durability and safety, and eventually higher customer satisfaction and market competitiveness. To achieve these milestones, new engineered materials such as fiber-reinforced polymers are rapidly replacing traditional single materials such as steel and aluminum.

Novel modeling and simulation algorithms of interconnected AC and multiterminal DC grids for power flow and transient stability analyses

This research is aimed at the development of new modeling and simulation algorithms of interconnected AC and DC supergrids for power flow and transient stability analyses. The efforts will be focused on the following technical areas: