Mapping Our Common Ground

The Mapping our Common Ground Mitacs- supported Internships will support the Evaluation and Communications functions for the UVIC Community Mapping Collaboratory. Supported by lead Academics from UVIC and UBC, key staff working at the Collaboratory and key advisors from the Community Mapping Collaboratory Steering Ctte (including Wendy Brawer from the global Green Map system and WSANEC indigenous mapping leaders Kevin Paul and John Elliott), the two interns will research the academic and popular literature, information, tools, applications and innovation in the community mapping field.

Carbon thin-films for cosmetic jewellery applications

Thin-films of carbon are finding use in a wide variety of military, industrial, and commercial applications. Arnell Workshop Inc., a West Kelowna, British Columbia-based cosmetic jewellery manufacturer, is using thin-films of carbon in order to coat titanium rings. As of the present moment, they are using an American firm in order to perform these depositions.

Targeting achievement in higher-order thinking and STEM: An interprofessional approach

This proposed research investigates the use of ThUMP by classroom educators to foster high order thinking through authentic and meaningful practice activities. Research suggests that practice is require to obtain expertise in complex subject areas such as STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). ThUMP allows educators to author practice activities that students can access using mobile devices. This proposed research adopts a design based approach in order to provide feedback / feed forward to the Mathtoon’s developers.

An Analysis of Power Pole Foundation Conditions

The purpose of the research project is to identify the main soil types found within the FortisBC Electric service territory and identify the best alternatives for power pole installations within each soil type. This information will be made readily available to power line designers for use when selecting the foundation alternative during the design process. The large number of power poles installed each year has created a need to streamline the design process and installation cost.

Exploration of Authoring Features to Facilitate Rapid Creation of STEM Subject Content in Mobile Practice Applications

This internship is a continuation of a previous Mitacs Accelerate Internship during which time Mathtoons worked with Dr. Wang of UBC Okanagan and intern, Yipin Guo of the Math and Computer Science faculties.

Psychosocial Determinants of Bariatric Surgical Candidates and Outcomes

Although bariatric surgery is generally effective in treating morbid obesity, reducing risks of chronic disease, and improving quality of life, there remains considerable variability in patient outcomes; specifically why some patients maintain long-term weight loss while others are prone to lifestyle recidivism and weight regain. However, determining what drives that variability continues to elude researchers.

Evaluation of the OISEAU Application

The project is a program evaluation of the mobile application OISEAU: Agents of Nature, designed by the non-profit organization Morning Star Enterprises. Morning Star has developed individual OISEAU applications for three Calgary Parks locations and the launch is the summer 2013.The application is designed to increase children’s exposure and connection with nature, as well as improve their content knowledge and physical activity.

Teacher assessment using new technologies

Educational reform will require changing the way we assess for student success. Personalized learning will only become a reality as we transform the way we make meaning of teaching and learning through assessment. This industry partner is an educational assessment application for elementary education (Kindergarten - Grade 6) addressing the need for a simple, cloud-based solution to help teachers, students, and parents make sense of learning.

Merging calculus learning with mobile devices: calculus practice app

This project will partner a student intern in graduate mathematics with the development team at Mathtoons Media Inc., an educational technology company in the business of creating mobile learning applications. Learning and academic practice is migrating away from traditional textbooks and webwork and toward mobile devices. The varying physical constraints of these devices post a significant challenge to the creators of mobile digital math practice applications.

Towards species specific management of invasive hawkweeds in British Columbia: Quantifying distributions, modeling potential invasion extent, and investigating genetic-morphometric congruence

The species of European hawkweeds present in British Columbia are aggressive and ecologically detrimental invaders of meadows, parks, agricultural lands and rangelands. Left unmanaged, these species could cost the province of British Columbia upwards of $60 million in economic losses by 2020. The Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations (MoFLNRO) is responsible for addressing invasive plant species on Crown land.