Creating a Participatory Online Resource on Canadian Music

The aim of this project is to research and develop a user]generated, participatory online resource focused exclusively on Canadian music and Canadian musicians, using wiki software. The advent of participatory online media has empowered citizens to become creators of content. This project will research the value of user]generated content in general, and specifically through wiki social software, within Canadafs public broadcasting system.

Optimization of Road Alignment Design

In the road construction process, a civil engineer commonly uses software to outline the horizontal and vertical road alignment on a topographical map. The software then calculates the amount of earth that needs to be excavated, or filled, at certain points of the alignment as well as pavement costs, land costs and other expenses. Softree, the partner company, provides such software. There is currently no commercial software that offers the user an automated optimization of the alignment based on the total cost.

Starworks (Developing Disability Association) New Market Potential

The intern will conduct literature review and database queries to locate new industries for Starworks (social enterprise of the Developmental Disabilities Association) to target marketing of their assembly services (tradeshow bag stuffing, test kit assembly, product re]labeling, etc). The intern will then conduct email and telephone surveys to measure willingness to pay and fit with Starworks abilities. Two industries will be selected and local firms selected for in]depth interviews to understand potential customer specific needs and barriers to use.

Asian Market Strategic Management Study for Coastal Contacts

The objective of this research project is to formulate a sustainable, profitable expansion strategy for Coastal Contacts Inc. to penetrate the Asian market for online distribution of its vision care products. The immediate problem facing Coastal lies in the development of a sound e-commerce penetration strategy unique to China. Coastal looks to develop a strategic model that will initially be executed in China, then subsequently applied to additional Asian markets as resources permit.

Testing for Evidence of Mixed-Severity Fire Regimes in the Rocky Mountain Foothills of Alberta

The proposed research is a collaboration between the Tree-Ring Lab at the University of British Columbia, Hinton Wood Products and the Foothills Research Institute Natural Disturbance Program to investigate the fire regimes of the mixed-conifer, mountain forests of the Rocky Mountain foothills of west-central Alberta. This pilot study will study the spatial and temporal variation of historical fires and reconstruct their impacts on forest structure and dynamics.

Development of Framework to Assess Fire Risk

The intern will assist in developing a component of a probability and statistical risk based methodology for completing quantitative risk assessments of building designs and a corresponding probabilistic failure based methodology on fire causation and spread. Data collected by Sereca Fire will be applied to construct more specific models, which can predict the frequency of occurrence of fire given the type of occupancy and construction. The second part of the project includes data collection and cleaning.

Best Practices in Business Education

This project will focus on experiential education and how it can be used to enhance the learning processes at Blyth Education. As an introduction to the subject, the report will explore current literature surrounding the topics of ‘Experiential Education’ and ‘Business Education’. The project will then turn its focus to Blyth Education, and identify the various experiential teaching tools it uses in its programs. Particular attention will be paid to the ‘International Business’ trip and the novel approaches it will be using for the first time.

Recycling of Electronic Waste

Electronic waste such as computers is an increasing problem as they quickly become obsolete. Currently, most electronic waste is either landfilled or (often illegally) sent to developing countries to be recycled, since it contains valuable metals such as copper and gold. Electronic waste should be viewed as a resource rather than a waste material since it contains levels of valuable metals often ten times higher than can be found in naturally occuring ore deposits. Based on current metal prices, each kilogram of the metallic electronic waste sample at Kemetco is worth US $25.

Project Blue Sky

Project Blue Sky is a website and data entry widget that was created through a partnership with the Province of BC, the Canadian Olympic Committee and the Masters of Digital Media students at the Great Northern Way Campus. Its goal is to encourage individuals to avoid driving and pledge that carbon reduction against the 2010 Winter Games indirect carbon footprint.

Modelling the Effects of Biodegradation and Seasonal Factors on Soil Vapour Transport: application and adaptation of the MIN3P code.

Soil vapour transport and intrusion into buildings has emerged as a highly relevant issue at contaminated sites with volatile contamination. Advanced modeling tools for vapour transport are relatively limited. Further, there has only been limited in-depth evalution of important factors such as hydrocarbon vapour biodegradation and seasonal influences on site conditions and their impact on vapour intrusion. The interaction between building and subsurface conditions is also not well understood.