Enhanced bitumen recovery from thin and low quality oil sands formations

Alberta’s oil sands are one of the world’s largest known hydrocarbon deposits. Currently, Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) is the commercial recovery method of choice. This requires large amounts of steam to be injected into the oil sands reservoirs, resulting in steam loss to the overburden. Companies continue to expand operations with new pad development. However, as the inventory of thick and clean pays declines, companies are forced to move to thin pays with thickness in the range of 5 to 10 meters.

Mass transfer mechanisms in solvent bitumen recovery processes

If the development of oil sands is to continue, improved environmentally friendly processes with minimal footprint have to be implemented. Thus steam will either have to be faced out or it will have to be augmented by chemicals such as solvents. The major drawback of solvent is the perceived low mass transfer rates. However, if the bitumen solvent interactions are enhanced through convection, this gap may be eliminated. This proposal evaluates mass transfer enhancements in bitumen solvent systems, both liquid and vapour, both experimentally and through computer simulation.

The experiences of Indigenous school psychology trainees working with Indigenous communities

To date, there is little understanding of how to adapt school psychology practice to fit the needs of Indigenous populations. This project seeks to understand the current challenges that exist for school psychology practice with Indigenous peoples and what changes are needed to advance the practice. By completing autobiographical studies, Indigenous master’s students-in-training who will be working with First Nations communities and Indigenous students are uniquely positioned to consider how school psychology can better serve the interests of their people.

Activity recognition and workload estimation algorithm development using the Kinetyx SI insole system

Smart devices can allow active individuals to monitor their training workload in order to reduce injuries and improve performance. However, many devices are geared towards a single activity, which limits their impact. Kinetyx recently developed an insole with multiple sensors that can be worn within a shoe while performing many activities. Using this insole, we will develop algorithms that identify different activities and provide feedback on the workload from those activities.

Evaluating synergism effects of selected plant extract compounds with metal-based antimicrobials for their antibacterial and anti-biofilm potency.

The progression of bacterial antimicrobials resistance (AMR) has led us to an era that urgently requires alternative antimicrobial therapies. Metal-based antimicrobials (MBA) are increasingly seen as part of the solution. Several metals are already extensively used to prevent and treatment of infections. Silver/copper ionizers are presently used to control pathogens in Canadian hospital water distributions systems.

Advanced Image-guided Therapy Software for Image-guided Focused Ultrasound Research with Integrated Data Curation for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Focused Ultrasound (FUS) is a therapeutic modality that can concentrate mechanical energy far from its source in just a few cubic millimetres. There is a significant number of studies investigating the use of FUS as a therapeutic option for multiples diseases, with an emphasis on oncology and brain disorders. While machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) are becoming compelling research tools in many areas, the use of ML+AI has remained elusive for FUS research.

Beneficial Reuse of Sulphur Impacted Soils to Remediate Cement and Concrete Contaminated Sites

This project will use contaminated soils from two types of contaminated sites and combine them, resulting in the soils “treating” each other. The first type of soil used is sulphur contaminated soils, which are created near sulphur stockpiles on industrial oil and gas sites. The second type of soil being treated is cement and concrete contaminated soil, which is created on sites where large amount of concrete are produced and stored over long timeframes. One of the primary concerns with concrete contaminated soils is high pH, which can be lowered by sulphur.

Thermal characteristics of viruses in humans, specifically COVID-19

The research project will focus on identifying thermal characteristics of COVID-19 in humans and applying the characteristics identified to detect COVID-19 in humans using non-invasive methodologies.

For this project, the thermal characteristics of viruses in humans, specifically COVID-19 will be studied.

Augmenting Movies with Interactive Narrative Agent

Netflix recently released an interactive movie that brings the concept of interactive media from video games into movie form. In contrast to the passive viewing experience with conventional movies, the interaction brings viewers into the movie scenes for an immersive experience. However, existing interactive movies are still scripted. Though there have been proposals towards freeform conversational for games and agent-directed interaction, viewers are still not in control of the story development.

Biaxial technology for ultrasound therapeutic devices in preclinical research for brain disorders

Focused ultrasound (FUS) is a clinical approach that aim at non-invasive treatment of brain disorders. There are however technical barriers for its adoption, in particular for clinical applications that require selective stimulation of brain areas for therapy. This is particularly critical when validating these applications preclinically, where the size of the effect should compatible with small animals. Our group recently patented a method for better focusing the effect of ultrasound transducers.