Traditional Land Use Mapping and Environmental Assessment with Maawandoon

This research will assist First Nation members to monitor First Nations territories, lands and waterways and document Indigenous knowledge systems (IKS). To document cultural aspects of land use and assess the environment through video, maps and workshop teachings. In the process, Elders and Knowledge keepers will honour their cultural traditions of transferring and sharing knowledge to the next generation of leaders and land stewards.

Robot generates images to prepare the soil for the future of agriculture

Researchers from the University of Winnipeg (UWinnipeg) and the University of Saskatchewan (USask) have taken on an ambitious challenge: build the ground for the next revolution in global farming and food production. With support from George Weston Limited and Mitacs, the team is filling a gap within the digital agriculture field by building a robotic system to create an open dataset of Canadian prairie crop plants and weeds.

Reducing Debt Sentences: Evaluating the Use of Human Rights Discourse by the Canadian Federation of Students in Support of Universal Higher Education

As affordable post-secondary education is a growing problem in Canada, centralized student advocacy groups like the Canadian Federation of Students – Manitoba (CFS-MB) are working to advocate for universally accessible higher education to ensure every Canadian has the equal opportunity to pursue advanced studies.

Development of a market prototype of a smart toothbrush for individuals with advance dementia

Dementia in general and Alzheimer Disease in particular are among the most challenging health conditions in our century. Experiencing cognitive decline, resulting in relying on others for daily living activities and impairment in basic mental tasks are the main symptoms. There are yet no proven treatments to slow or prevent Alzheimer's Disease or dementia progression; thus, they eventually need full-time care. To help patients to stay at their own home longer and ease the caregiver burden, Smart Assistive Technology (SAT) products may be greatly beneficial.

Evaluation of the effects of pipe-soil interaction on the stress based design of buried pipelines using advanced numerical modeling

Thermal stress analysis of the buried pipeline is an integral part of pipeline design and integrity analysis. Pipeline design code (e.g. CSA Z662) provides guidance on the thermal stress analysis of restrained and unrestrained pipe sections. However, a buried pipeline bend is more likely to be partially restrained, as the pipe is free to expand longitudinally, but the expansion is restrained by the pipe-soil interaction. No clear guidance is provided in the design code for a partially restrained condition.

Marine Protected Areas and Economic Development in Nunavut

Nunavut’s Inuit organizers have identified conservation, including the establishment of parks and protected areas, as an important pillar of culturally appropriate and sustainable economic development in Northern Canada. This project responds to this goals of establishing a ‘conservation economy’ in Nunavut by examining the economic costs and benefits associated with Marine Protected Areas in Nunavut. Through document analysis, it will identify ways for Inuit communities to capture larger shares of the wealth generated by Marine Protected Areas.

Decentralized Services for Sharing and Searching User Generated Data

The existing model for applications and services on the internet is a centralized client server model where user
information is under the control of the service provider. As such as centralized model, albeit cost-efficient and
easy to maintain, has created dire consequences for humanity. Hence, for the proposed research project, we aim
to provide tools and algorithms for a decentralized and location-aware experience on the Internet.

Aging In Place Ergonomic Kitchen Design

Most Canadians prefer to remain in their own homes for as long as possible, or “age in place”. One important area of daily living is meal preparation. The opportunity to age in place is likely to be higher where kitchens allow for the changing functional ability of people as they age. Décor is a Canadian kitchen cabinet design and manufacturing company committed to innovation that means the products that their clients buy today, will function long into the future.

Implementation of a validated home tele-rehabilitation intervention for geriatric patients: perspectives of stakeholders

Geriatric rehabilitation programs are effective for restoring and improving the functional independence and quality of life. Nevertheless, the aim of the therapy is to return home and once it is safe, based on the condition of the patient and social environment, patients are encouraged to be discharged home. Unfortunately, this does not mean that these patients are fully rehabilitated and have reached their rehabilitation potential.

High performance robotic drilling and inspection systems for aerospace composite manufacturing

Manufacturing of aerospace composite structures requires drilling of thousands of holes for rivet and bolt attachments. Traditionally, required holes have been drilled and inspected manually, which is extremely time-consuming, inconsistent due to human error, and potentially hazardous to workers. The proposed research will develop a high performance robotic drilling and inspection technology for aerospace composite manufacturing. In order to improve hole quality in robotic drilling, a novel two-axis actuator will be developed to actively measure and suppress robot vibrations during operation.