Red Sucker Lake First Nation traditional land use and land guardianship

This research will enable Red Sucker Lake (RSL) First Nation members to monitor RSL territory, lands and waterways and document Indigenous knowledge systems (IKS), including cultural aspects as well as environmental assessment, by video, maps and workshop teachings. In the process, Elders and Knowledge keepers will not only honour their cultural traditions but also train the next generation of leaders and land stewards.

Risk Assessment of Riverbank Stability Subjected to Construction Induced Vibrations

The stability of riverbanks has always been a concern for land-use planners, stakeholders as well as the Cities around the world. Construction activities can generate different types of dynamic waves and vibrations.

An Investigation of Potential Market Entry for Novel Medical Devices ina Pandemic Environment

Currently, it is difficult to obtain market share in the medical device market. Furthermore, a lack of resources by small companies with disruptive technologies can prove to be detrimental to establishing market share. This huge hurdle thus discourages innovators from commercializing their life-saving technologies especially in a pandemic situation. This project will focus on the development of a framework to support vulnerable new entrants into the medical device market with penetrating and securing a position in the market, within a pandemic setting.

Custom root-analogue dental implant manufactured by direct metal laser forming

This project aims to create protocol for custom-made dental implant manufacturing. Dental implant will be 3D printed based on patient scans. The project will connect newest laser manufacturing technology with existing implantation procedure research. In addition, the dental implant structure creation protocol will be suitable for implementation in additive manufacturing facilities. Project results will be integrated in the educational programs, will be published in international journals and will be presented in scientific conferences.

Advanced coupled geomechanical tool for design and performance analysis of infrastructure affected by frost action

In this project, an advanced coupled geomechanical Finite Element (FE) numerical code will be developed to address the limitations of existing modeling tools in investigating the performance of infrastructure affected by frost action. For this purpose, a novel geomechanical constitutive model will be developed in the framework of the critical-state model for rate-dependent deformations of soils subjected to frost action and permafrost degradation. The constitutive models to be developed will be implemented in an in-house FE software.

Exploring The Effects Of Functional Connectivity To Depict Key Differences Between Stages Of Sleep To Determine Why REM Protects Against Seizures

The purpose of analyzing the different stages of sleep by means of functional connectivity metrics is due to the overwhelming unlikelihood of seizures occurring during REM sleep. The functional connectivity metrics are computational algorithms run on a computer that determine if the signal from one node is similar to another in any way. These nodes record the electrical potentials from the brain and are arranged around the head in a certain pattern making up an electroencephalogram (EEG) recording.

Development of a Low-Cost Air Purifier for use in First Nation Houses to Improve Indoor Air Quality Affected by Mould, Smoke Particulate, and Air-borne Viruses such as COVID-19

Poor indoor air quality in First Nation’s homes is a major issue. Toxic particles such as mould, particulate matter from smoke due to tobacco or woodstoves use, radon progeny, and airborne viruses such as COVID-19, pose serious health hazards. An evidence-based research program is proposed to develop and evaluate through laboratory testing and field application various prototype air purifying and ventilation techniques appropriate for use in First Nation houses.

Enhancement of Virtual Synchronous Machine Algorithms with Energy Storage

Modern electric power systems are rapidly adopting renewable energy resources. This positive movement, however, does bring with it major challenges to the way we operate power systems. In particular we may face drastic frequency changes and far-reaching transient phenomena. One way to remedy these is to deploy energy storage systems, such a s batteries, to assist the power system in maintaining its frequency and in releasing and absorbing bursts of power that are required to do so.

Management practices to improve sustainability and profitability of cow-calf operations across Canada

The purpose of this project if to develop a Canadian Cow-Calf Cost of Production (COP) Network including of 26 different focus group sessions across Canada, located in different eco-regions, to gather production and economic data following agribenchmark global agriculture network methodology.

This data will also be used to assess greenhouse gas emissions associated with the farm scenarios/typologies identified above.

A computer-aided decision-making tool for Powder Bed Fusion AdditiveManufacturing (PBF-AM) process selection using Multi-Criteria DecisionAnalysis (MCDA)

Precision ADM is a global engineering and manufacturing solutions provider who uses Additive Manufacturing as a core technology, complemented by multi-axis machining to manufacture high value components and devices for the medical, aerospace, energy, and industrial sectors. Precision ADM specializes in PBF based additive manufacturing. For that reason, Precision ADM wants to design and develop a cost-effective and customized computer-aided decision-making tool for the AM process selection, particularly for powder bed fusion additive manufacturing (PBF-AM) processes.