Development of probiotic formulation to alleviate gut dysbiosis related to antimicrobial activity of several classes of psychotropic chemicals

Several classes of psychotropic compounds have been increasingly shown to possess antimicrobial properties with possible implication in microbiota-gut-brain axis. For instance, sertraline and paroxetine are efflux inhibitors in bacteria cell walls and are effective on gram-positive bacteria such as Enterococcus and Staphylococcus. Therefore, a comprehensive assessment of the antimicrobial effect of these chemicals on gut commensal bacteria and consumed probiotics will provide critical insight for the design of robust new nutraceuticals.

Refinement of a leadership development impact assessment toolkit

CHLNet identified the need for valid, reliable tools to determine the impact of these health leadership development programs. This project will develop a practical, easy to use toolkit to facilitate the measurement of program outcomes and impacts. The toolkit will be pilot tested and evaluated across the country according to defined selection criteria. The finalized toolkit will be electronic and other knowledge produced during the project will be broadly disseminated.

A nanoscale electrochemical sensor for measuring changes in blood-glucose levels

The proposed work main goal is to improve the overall human health quality through providing an online monitoring device acting as a data platform that represents a gateway to simple solutions that allow consumers and patients to better manage their health and disease risk. The broader mission includes leveraging the data platform to improve diagnostics
The technology is to be inserted in the human body under the skin layers without the need of any advance operational procedures.

Detection of Mental Health Conditions from Textual Device Communication

Research into child safety applications using Artificial Intelligence (AI) methods is a new area of investigation. SafeToNet is continuing to develop AI monitoring tools together with a team of researchers at the University of Ottawa. These tools, when used over time, will take advantage of outgoing text-based communications from devices to detect the early onset and progression of developmental and mental health issues in youth.

Towards creating intelligent heat stress monitoring and management solutions to safeguard health and wellness

The scientific challenge for this research project is to advance our understanding of the impacts of heat stress in heat vulnerable workers and to use this information towards the creation of intelligent heat stress monitoring and management solutions to safeguard health and wellness. Currently, our understanding of the effects of heat exposure on vulnerable individuals remains incomplete, limiting our ability to implement protective measures to optimize performance/safety during work in hot environments.

Optimizing co-digestion of industrial, commercial and institutional (IC&I) organic waste and developing an integrated nutrient recovery technique

Promoting the use of renewable energy such as biogas produced from organic waste is one the main alternatives to achieve more sustainable development strategies. Anaerobic Digestion (AD) is an efficient and proven technology, which can be employed to convert Organic Waste to Biogas as Renewable Natural Gas (RNG), and to reduce global methane emissions. The main objective of this research is to determine and optimize the input recipe of mixed feedstock organic waste for an Anaerobic Digester (AD) to take advantage of economy of scale and to have synergetic effect on biogas production.

Time series clustering and classification

Financial indicators of an individual firm may be in the form of time series, vectors, or even richer data, such as text or images. The purpose of this work is to explore and develop methods for dealing with such data, and in particular perform the clustering/classification of such data into similar groups. In the project the intern will develop the tools that will allow to determine whether a client should be issued a loan or not.

Optical Variable Effects for Minting Applications

The appearance of polished gold and silver has always been attractive to the human eye. The high reflectivity of these surfaces naturally makes them strong candidates for optical designs that are based purely on reflective optics. When circular grooves are scribed into metal surfaces, some very interesting optical effects can be observed, and in some cases light beams will appear to come out of the surface. Other light beams will appear to go into the surface. Through clever design and orientation of these scribed regions, the appearance of interesting optical effects can be generated.

Genome sequencing and analysis of the Echinacea genome to unravel new natural products

Echinacea purpurea is a popular herbal medicine with a global market of ?$1 billion but there is tremendous variability yet limited distinction between the products on the market. Amway Canada is a leader in the production and distribution of Echinacea products, and now aims to leverage the company`s unique Echinacea resources by sequencing the plant`s genetic code and identifying new and improved traits related to both agriculture and natural health products.

The Acquisition of Music Reading Skills in Novice Students

Music reading is a very challenging and frustrating aspect of learning music that often leads to the cessation of lessons in the early stages of music learning. Despite this, there has been very little experimental research to understand the music reading process. To address this need, we will administer a group of cognitive and music reading tests to young novice piano students. The results of this project will form groundwork for a much-needed understanding of the music reading process, which in turn will enhance our understanding the most effective approaches in teaching this skill.