Robust identification of protected heath information in unstructured data

A large amount of health-related data is available only in unstructured form (“free-form text”). To share this data for secondary purposes, it is necessary to de-identify it to protect against inappropriate disclosure of personal health information (PHI). PARAT Text is Privacy Analytics’ de-identification software for unstructured data. It automatically discovers and marks PHI in a variety of document formats using gazetteers and a bunch of rules. The primary problem of this tool is that it is limited by the knowledge of human experts, gazetteer lists, and lack of contextual knowledge.

Coating Development for Aerospace Parts

We are working on the development of high performance coatings for gas turbines and aerospace parts in collaboration with major aircraft manufacturers.

Religion in the Media: Canada and Brazil

This project will focus on the following research questions:
1) How do the mainstream media (specifically newspapers) in Canada and Brazil portray and represent majority and minority religions in secular context?
2) Are there key areas of controversy in which such portrayals and representations are focused, and do these differ in the two countries?
3) Can common methodological resources and comparable data sets be developed to allow comparison to be undertaken?

Rational design of a red fluorescent protein displaying increased quantum yield

The longer emission wavelengths of red fluorescent proteins (RFPs) make them useful for whole-body imaging because cells are more transparent to red light. However, RFPs are typically less bright than other types of fluorescent proteins that emit at shorter wavelengths due to their lower quantum yields. The goal of this project is to increase the quantum yield of RFPs by rational design. We hypothesized that restricting the conformational flexibility of the RFP chromophore would decrease radiationless decay, thereby resulting in
higher quantum yields.

Sensitizing compounds for cancer-treating viruses find new use in vaccine production

Beyond understanding how oncolytic viruses work, Rozanne and other researchers at the University of Ottawa have studied how these viruses can be enhanced with “viral sensitizers,” small molecules that increase their efficacy. Recently, her research into how viral sensitizers can therapeutically enhance oncolytic viruses has been published in the journal Nature Communications.

Enhancing Prosthetic Socket Performance

For people with lower limb amputations, the interface between the amputated limb and a prosthetic socket is very important. Suspension, or how the socket is held on the limb, is one factor that affects a person’s ability to walk efficiently and safely, movement confidence, limb health, and quality of life. This project will assess, evaluate, and identify area for improvement for new state-of-the-art elevated vacuum suspension systems that could improve functional aspects of socket suspension and also help control limb volume changes that adversely affect socket fit.

Defining Age-Specific Heat Exposure Limits Forworkers: From Laboratory To Field

This project will examine how heat stress develops in young {18-30 years) and older miners {45-65 years) of different levels of fitness when physically demanding mining jobs are made more challenging by increases in air temperature and humidity as well as changes In a worker's hydration status. Further, a field-based study will be conducted to determine to what extent older workers differ in their work patterns and physiological response to work in the heat.

Tailoring the Anisotropy of First-Row Transition Metal and Their Interactions

The proposed collaboration project between the Richeson and Journaux groups has a primary purpose of identifying new magnetic phenomena derived from common, inexpensive transition metals. The focus is on compounds containing cobalt and iron metal centers since these metals have larger than usual magnetic anisotropies. In order to design these compounds, specific chemical groups will be bonded to them in order to direct their behaviour. Prior research has shown promising candidates for this approach using bis(imino)pyridine, which will be a good starting points.

Examining Men’s Boating Safety Practices in Inuvik, Northwest Territories

This research will involve working alongside the community of Inuvik, NWT to develop culturally safe solutions to address men’s boating safety behaviours in the northern Canada. The intern will spend time in Inuvik to learn about men’s water safety practices in the community. Benefits to the research participants, communities, and NWT Recreation and Parks Association include having the opportunity to discuss and voice concerns related to the boating safety practices of men in NWT.

The role of miRNA in the normal development of the brain and neuropathies

Proper brain development is required for normal cognitive functions in mammals. Recent studies have shown that both protein-coding genes and noncoding RNAs, especially microRNAs (miRNAs), play crucial roles in brain development. We have identified several miRNAs that are expressed in specific regions in the embryonic and adult mouse cerebral cortex, and demonstrated their important roles in cortical development and functions.