Tailoring the Anisotropy of First-Row Transition Metal and Their Interactions

The proposed collaboration project between the Richeson and Journaux groups has a primary purpose of identifying new magnetic phenomena derived from common, inexpensive transition metals. The focus is on compounds containing cobalt and iron metal centers since these metals have larger than usual magnetic anisotropies. In order to design these compounds, specific chemical groups will be bonded to them in order to direct their behaviour. Prior research has shown promising candidates for this approach using bis(imino)pyridine, which will be a good starting points.

Examining Men’s Boating Safety Practices in Inuvik, Northwest Territories

This research will involve working alongside the community of Inuvik, NWT to develop culturally safe solutions to address men’s boating safety behaviours in the northern Canada. The intern will spend time in Inuvik to learn about men’s water safety practices in the community. Benefits to the research participants, communities, and NWT Recreation and Parks Association include having the opportunity to discuss and voice concerns related to the boating safety practices of men in NWT.

The role of miRNA in the normal development of the brain and neuropathies

Proper brain development is required for normal cognitive functions in mammals. Recent studies have shown that both protein-coding genes and noncoding RNAs, especially microRNAs (miRNAs), play crucial roles in brain development. We have identified several miRNAs that are expressed in specific regions in the embryonic and adult mouse cerebral cortex, and demonstrated their important roles in cortical development and functions.

An assessment of women’s abortion experiences in Istanbul, Turkey.

This research project investigates the experiences of women accessing abortions in Istanbul, Turkey. I will conduct interviews with approximately 40 women about their abortion experiences and their experiences with family planning and other reproductive services. I will also interview relevant figures in Istanbul who can speak about the quality of reproductive healthcare in Istanbul, including doctors, politicians, and activists. Although abortion is legal in Turkey, the political climate toward women’s reproductive rights has become increasingly hostile in the last five years.

Development of court booking module and algorithm

OrbitHub is a web/mobile platform that helps its clients coordinate activities more efficiently and maximize the utilization of their resources and time. In addition to being a global social network, OrbitHub also offers tournament, league and ladder management functionality, as well as registrations, payments, rankings, court booking and more.

A Virtualized Cloud-based Multi-Tenant Environment for Developing Software Defined Network Products

The proposed research will develop a virtualized cloud-based multi-tenant environment tor testing and developing software defined networking products on a national scale. Similar centers are being built in other jurisdictions (Japan, Europe) but this is the first such initiative in Canada. We are partnering with CENGN, which is a consortium of industry partners who wish to create a shared ecosystem where new product development can be supported and shared within the consortium.

Pipeline Strain Based Assessment of Geotechnical Hazards

This project will characterize the ability of vintage (1930 - 1970’s) pipeline materials to support large deformations and develop numerical simulation tools capable of predicting the onset of failure. Of particular interest to this project is the analysis of geotechnical hazards including the ground movements that could impact pipelines including landslides and subsidence events.

Intern from Brazil is helping improve outcomes for children with hearing loss

After hearing about the Globalink Research Internship, he jumped at the chance to work with Dr. Elizabeth Fitzpatrick at the University of Ottawa’s School of Rehabilitation Sciences.

I learned about Globalink and saw that one project was supervised by Dr. Fitzpatrick. I was already familiar with her research and wanted the chance to work with her. She’s a leader in the area of early diagnosis of children with hearing loss, and it’s amazing to work with one of the top people in my field.”

Mitacs Entrepreneur Awards: Richard Beal, COFOVO Energy

Richard is an alumnus of the University of Ottawa's SUNLAB.


Mitacs gratefully acknowledges Western Economic Diversification, the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency and the governments of Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, and New Brunswick for their support of Mitacs Elevate. In addition, select Elevate fellows are supported through Mitacs Accelerate and its funding partners.

HTML5 Integrity and Performance

The research involved in this internship focuses on the performance and integrity of HTML5. In terms of performance, the intern will design and implement a set of tests that will be used to analyze the performance of HTML5 applications. These tests will focus on measuring the computational performance, network performance, as well as rendering performance of such applications. The results of this research will allow Irdeto to make informed decisions about security and performance tradeoffs in their HTML5 protection activities.