Techniques of aircraft engine vibration analysis

The Master’s student will conduct the investigation of the state-of-the-art of the engine mount-damper-aircraft structure technology to reduce the aircraft structural vibration. He/she will establish the framework for the modeling, based on the test and experiment procedures that are provided by P&WC. The modeling will be planned so that the model results can be verified by the experiment (in future work), and vice versa the changes in the model parameters can be easily implemented into test rig.

Landing a dream job through Mitacs-Accelerate

For the last year and a half, Side Effects Software had been developing a web-based marketplace for highly-customizable 3D content. Similar to Apple’s App Store or Android’s Market, the company’s Orbolt™ Smart Asset Store is an application marketplace where digital artists can purchase smart 3D assets. Entering the e-commerce marketplace for the first time meant the company faced a number of unique challenges. They turned to Yeleiny through Mitacs-Accelerate for web performance expertise.

Osteoinductive, osteogenic and angioinductive potential of intramuscular injected genetically modified human umbilical cord perivascular cells

The loss of bone is a massive burden on the health care system and severely impacts the quality of life of several hundred million people. The need for alternative strategies to replace or regenerate bone tissue is overwhelming. We are proposing a completely new approach to the engineering of bone using a “cocktail” of genetically modified human umbilical cord perivascular cells (HUCPVCs) that can be produced in vast numbers, stored in liquid nitrogen so that they could be ready for therapeutic purposes.

Bootstrapping yield curves

Financial market’s stability depends on the accurate pricing of financial products traded in the market. This makes accurate pricing of products a top priority for the banks and financial instruments. Inaccurate prices can lead to instability in the market and formation of bubbles. This leads into market crashes such as the 2008 crash where the housing prices bubble caused the market crash. This project’s aim is to develop a tool for the bank to price financial products. This tool will provide the information required for pricing a product.

Sleep disorders among a population with traumatic brain injury from a Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) Clinic

The proposed research will study the best way to evaluate sleep disorders among persons who suffered a mild to moderate traumatic brain injury (TBI) in the workplace. We will draw upon the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board-insured workers being evaluated at Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, approximately 300-400 annually, for mild to moderate TBI. This study will provide a better understanding of the evaluation of sleep disturbance among workers with this condition which serves to inform better assessment and treatment.

Evaluation of a home transfer pole during assisted sit-to-stand in older adults with mobility limitations

Mobility in the home is a difficult task for older adults with mobility limitations and is associated with a risk of injury from falling. However, it is a requisite for maintaining independence. A number of assistive technologies have been developed to help a number of different activities of daily living, one in specific is the transfer pole – a vertically oriented pole that pressure fits between ceiling and floor and helps the user stand-up. Three common configurations include a single vertical pole, a single pole with a horizontal grab-bar, and two vertical poles.

Elevate Fellow succeeds with a dream

Kinfe is quick to acknowledge the role that Mitacs Elevate played in acquiring his new role.

“The Elevate program definitely helped in finding my new position. It helped me network and communicate better. The Mitacs Step and Elevate workshops I attended helped me build effective connections, and perform well during the interviews I had towards my dream job. Also, the interactions I had with my industrial partner were fruitful and developed further as we worked together.”

The Mitacs Step Experience

What makes Mitacs Step workshops such crowd pleasers? From professors to participants its rave reviews all around.  I sat in on a workshop to see, first-hand, what sets these workshops apart.

On the Mitacs website, the Step page has a listing of workshops offered throughout Canada covering a range of essential business skills sure to enhance future careers. Armed with some reviews and insights into the Mitacs Step program, I settled on Practice Your Presentation Skills I.